The Definitive Ranking of Barebells Protein Bar Flavors

When you are counting calories but craving a sweet snack, Barebells protein bars promise the satisfaction you desire. Bite into these utterly delicious protein bars and you will be surprised by how it insanely resembles candy, although it is nothing like it.

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Barebells is a Swedish brand that began operations in 2016. The company focuses on “protein-enriched alternatives to snacks and desserts.” But the catch here is that they never compromise on flavor.

Barebells Protein bars have a lean nutrition profile. While the calories are almost insignificant, each bar is full of protein. The nutritional values vary between flavors. However, it is noteworthy that none of the bars have any added sugar. The result is “utterly Barebellicious”, as the brand claims.

After trying their best-selling flavors, here is our ranking of Barebell’s top flavors from good to great!

7. Chocolate Dough

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Satiate your chocolate cravings with Barebells chocolate dough bar which has luscious milk chocolate smothered in chocolate crisps. Rich, luxurious, and very filling, it is the perfect dessert bar for when you need a sugar fix. Although it is a zero-sugar snack, it tastes sweet and will satisfy your appetite.

We love the fact that the chocolate dough flavor is neither too chewy nor too soft. It has a soft bite and the crispy chocolate toppings make it nice and crunchy. It may not be one of those remarkable flavors that you get addicted to. However, you will not easily forget it either.

6. White Chocolate Almond

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Beyond the creamy white chocolate and crispy almond exterior lies the gooey chocolatey goodness of this flavor. The chocolate-laden center is smooth and deliciously sweet. It is neither too dry nor too gooey. The texture is just right. Crunchy almond bits complement the super soft white chocolate covering. There is an additional sweet caramel layer between the layers. It is a luxurious flavor with its delicious white chocolate and authentic almond flavors.

You can easily get addicted to this flavor. It has just the right balance of sweet and crunch and a hint of saltiness from the almonds. It is pure melt-in-the-mouth goodness. If you love white chocolate, don’t think twice. Just go for it. Although it is a decent snack, we would have liked it better if the chocolate coating was a little thicker.

5. Crunchy Fudge

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Barebells has nailed the perfect balance of crunch and fudge in its crunchy fudge flavor. This protein bar has a fine decadent milk chocolate layer with a delicious crumble crust. White chocolate discs decorate the entire length of the crust. Interestingly, these discs do not enhance the taste. They are just there for added visual appeal. Beneath the crust is a soft, almost-gooey layer of very sweet chocolate fudge with a hint of caramel.

The mishmash of softness and crunch makes this protein bar irresistible. It is one of those flavors that tastes too good to be healthy. We also love the blue and gold packaging that makes it look super-luxe.

4. Salty Peanut

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Salty peanut is one of the most incredible Barebells flavors. Creamy and soft on the inside, crunchy and salty on the outside; it is a masterpiece. You will enjoy this healthy fix if you love peanut butter with a hint of saltiness. These bars contain real salted peanut bits with a deep-roasted flavor. The peanut crust is drenched in milk chocolate and is drier than the other Barebells flavors. Nonetheless, it is fudgy on the inside with a nice bite from the chunky peanuts in the crust. Dense and satisfying, this flavor will keep your hunger at bay for hours. It works well as a pre-workout fuel or a post-workout snack.

Barebells salty peanut will appeal to everyone. It is a good choice for those who are not fond of overly sweet protein bars. The hint of saltiness works wonders in creating a deep, beautiful flavor.  And did I tell you that this flavor is 100% vegan?

3. Hazelnut Nougat

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Hazelnut nougat is the second vegan protein bar from Barebells, after their salty peanut flavor. It has been a big hit right from the time it was introduced in 2019. No surprises there, for it is exquisite. Barebells hazelnut nougat has a deliciously soft nougat cream-filled center and a milk chocolate coating. The soft and decadent texture of the core is balanced by the beautiful crunch of the crispy outer cholate layer.

The gooey core and the crunchy covering meet in perfect harmony. Between them lay a layer of moist caramel. It adds a warm sweetness and punchy flavor. This bar is very nutty, which works beautifully with the rich taste of milk chocolate. The rich, well-rounded flavors make it difficult to believe that this protein bar is entirely plant-based. It is one delicious vegan snack alright!

2. Caramel Cashew

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Caramel cashew is yet another nut-based delicious protein bar from Barebells. This flavor qualifies as a dessert bar for it has a luscious and indulgent texture and taste. Although caramel cashew has zero sugar, it is sweet. The crispy crust has crumbled cashew nuts slathered in a milk chocolate coating. This solid coating transforms into a creamy, marshmallow-soft inside. We love how the oozing soft chocolate center combines with the crispy bite of the nutty coating.

Sandwiched between the coating and the center is a very thin layer of caramel. It added just enough moisture to the bar but lacked the saltiness that we expected. Nevertheless, the mixture of textures makes it an exciting snack. However, the cashews do not have a strong flavor. They contribute more to the bite than the taste. We would have liked it more if the outer covering were a little thicker though.

1. Cookies and Cream

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Barebells cookies and cream top our list because it is irresistibly delicious and addictive. Easily one of the best cookies and cream healthy bars in the market. Don’t be surprised if you cannot stop after a single cookie and cream protein bar. Although it is filling, you will not mind over-indulging in this flavor.

Barebells cookies and cream has a soft pillowy chocolate center. The outer chocolate crust has crispy cocoa soya sprinkles on it. It produces a delicious crunch that contrasts with the soft texture of the inside. The chocolate is very flavorful and tastes high-quality. It is extremely sweet with the cookies being more pronounced than the cream.

This flavor may turn out to be too sweet for those who prefer more balanced flavors. So, stay away if you don’t have a sweet tooth.

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To wrap it up…

Barebells protein bars are enjoyable protein-enriched snacks. Their lean nutritional profile and delicious flavors make the brand a favorite for exercise and fitness enthusiasts. It is impressive that each of their bars contains decent amounts of protein and fiber and is tasty though they have no sugar. The company even has a few great-tasting vegan flavors.

Nonetheless, Barebells is not very forthcoming about the exact ingredients in their protein bars. Some users expressed concerns over the use of Acesulfame K in a few older flavors. So, you may like to do your research on this aspect before making these protein bars a regular indulgence.

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