The 7 Best Jarritos Soda Flavors, Ranked by Taste (2024)

If you are looking for the perfect beverage to accompany sizzling, spicy Mexican food, you should try Jarritos!

Jarritos is a Mexican brand of refreshing, fruit-based sodas with flavors inspired by the popular fruit produce of Mexico. The brand has been around since 1950. Interestingly, founder Don Francisco Hill first came up with coffee-flavored Jarritos. Various other flavors followed suit, including mandarin, lime, and exotic tamarind.

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So, the next time you need a delicious fruity drink, try Jarritos. Here are the best flavors to quench your thirst.

7. Lime

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If you enjoy the taste of sweet lime, this is the Jarritos flavor for you. The drink has a vivid neon color and resembles candy. It has a pleasant, light, and refreshing flavor. However, this drink does not resemble fresh lime. It lacks the characteristic tartness of a fresh lime soda. You will probably find it very sweet. The drink also has a sugary scent and light fizz. It tastes best when chilled. However, if you prefer acidic, strong citrusy lime sodas to candy-sweet lime juice, you may not like it much.

6. Mango

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Take a whiff of Jarritos mango soda pop you will be instantly transported to a tropical oasis filled with lush mango farms. The Mango soda pop nails the juicy tenderness of mangoes and balances it with a light fizziness that does wonders to quench your thirst. This Jarritos flavor has a deliciously sweet, refreshing scent. It is an authentic tropical flavor with a thick orange color and syrupy texture. However, it does not taste like pure mango, because it has a citrusy hint of orange. So, an orange-mango drink label would have been more accurate. Nonetheless, it is a flavorful drink that will fill you up quickly.

5.  Pineapple

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The bright yellow color of pineapple Jarritos resembles the lush yellow color of an over-ripe pineapple. It is a fantastic pineapple soda that tastes very fruity. The first sip is intensely sweet. However, this sweetness is quickly replaced by a strong acidic, and tart flavor. The zesty punch and authentic flavor profile make it just as good as real fruit. You will love it if you enjoy eating sweet and fully-ripe pineapples. However, it may be too sweet for your liking if you prefer the taste of slightly under-ripe pineapples.

4. Grapefruit

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The grapefruit flavor of Jarritos has a distinct but delicious flavor profile. It closely resembles real fruit. The fizziness works well to balance the intense fruity flavor of this drink. When you sip it, you will first find it to be very sweet. However, the sweetness is quickly replaced by a citrusy, almost acidic taste. This pop of flavors makes it the perfect drink to pair with spicy Mexican food. We like the fact that the drink is clean-tasting and does not leave any bitter aftertaste like other fruity sodas. If you enjoy the taste of fresh, ripe grapefruit, this flavor is guaranteed to become a favorite.

3. Mandarin

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Mandarin is one of the top sellers of Jarritos fruit sodas. It is a full-bodied, delicious, fruity drink full of citrusy goodness. Unlike other brands that advertise mandarin but deliver candy-like orange juice, Jarritos mandarin is the real deal. However, this drink has strong and big bubbles. It is, in fact, fizzier than other Jarritos flavors. The good thing is that the extra bubbles balance the extreme sweetness and make it more palatable. The orange flavor is finer than regular orange soda. Even fans of regular orange soda will give this flavor a thumbs-up for its rich and aromatic flavor profile.

2. Guava

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Jarritos guava, with its pleasant pink color and fruity scent, is a perfect summer drink. Like ripe guava fruits, this drink has a full-bodied, almost sticky sweetness. You can also taste a subtle hint of saltiness which gives this drink a unique flavor profile. So, it has a nicely balanced rounded fruity taste like real guava fruit. Jarritos Guava is a rich drink that easily quenches thirst and leaves you feeling full. It is one of the best tropical flavors from the brand, because of its unique and authentic flavor profile. You can even use it as a mixer in tropical cocktails or mocktails. This drink tastes best when served chilled and pairs well with spicy dishes. Not only will it mellow down the heat of spicy and hot food without overpowering your palette.

1. Tamarind

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Although tamarind is a staple ingredient in tropical cuisines, you will rarely find a soda or drink based on it. If you have tasted raw tamarind, you will know that it is sticky, bitter, and thick. Jarritos tamarind replicates these unique features of the fruit. Jarritos uses the real pulp of the tamarind fruit in this drink. This also produces a murky brown color that is lighter than tea or cola. This drink offers a distinct mix of salty bitterness and subtle sweetness, and there is no other ingredient that delivers a similar taste. It has a unique and almost unexpected flavor profile. Nonetheless, the taste of Jarritos is light, refreshing, and exciting. So, try it definitely, but don’t be surprised if you find it weird initially. If you are adventurous when it comes to food, you will enjoy this drink. However, if you prefer to play it safe, we do not recommend tamarind Jarritos.

To wrap it up…

Jarritos has an interesting and exciting range of fruit-flavored sodas with something for everyone. Interestingly, most people narrow down their preferences to one or two flavors and stick with them.

Now, did you know that Jarritos uses natural flavors and sugars in all their flavors? Although it is still not as safe as water, this factor makes it a better alternative than regular, sugar-laden sodas.

If you are looking for a flavor that will appeal to all, you can perhaps choose Jarritos lime or mandarin. However, if you are ready for adventure, definitely try Jarritos tamarind or guava. And regardless of the flavor, chill it before serving to enjoy it the most.    

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