7 Best San Pellegrino Sparkling Drink Flavors Ranked (2024)

San Pellegrino is a top player amongst flavored sparkling water manufacturers. The company’s product line of refreshing flavored beverages is more popular than their plain sparkling water.

There are many reasons for the brand’s unique appeal. These include the ingredient profile, authentic flavors, and the perfect amount of fizz. Additionally, the pricing is very reasonable. So, San Pellegrino is almost unbeatable.

Now, San Pellegrino offers some of the most exciting flavor combinations.

  1. Arancia & Fico d’India
  2. Aranciata
  3. Aranciata Rossa
  4. Chinotto
  5. Clementina 
  6. Limonata
  7. Limone & Menta
  8. Melograno & Arancia
  9. Pompelmo

Apart from classics like orange and lemonade, they have an exciting range of options, including intriguing tea flavors. So, where do you start?

We suggest that you check out our round-up of the top San Pellegrino flavors to find your favorites.

7. Clementina (Clementine)

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With 9% mandarin juice, 5% orange juice, and 2% clementine juice, this San Pellegrino drink has a rich and invigorating orange flavor. It is neither too sweet nor too bitter.

The packaging is gorgeous and captures the Christmas cheer with perfection. When you open the can, the scent is aromatic, and the scent of orange is pronounced. The taste is spot-on, with the different types of delicious orange flavors arising in layers. Although it has more orange and mandarin juice than clementine, the clementine flavor is the strongest.

The best thing about this flavor is that it is just what you would expect from a clementine-flavored drink. The aroma is perfect, the flavor is strong, and it is delicious throughout. The fizziness enhances the citrusy effect.

It is an excellent choice for the holidays, with its rich body, wafting aroma, and luscious texture making it very festive. The carbonation is frothy and crisp.

San Pellegrino Clementine is a very juicy and original fruit soda that is perfect on its own. It pairs very well with autumnal dishes like squash and mushrooms. It also pairs well with all types of cheeses.

6. Melograno e Arancia (Pomegranate & Orange)

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The orange and pomegranate combination from San Pellegrino is an iconic flavor combination. The power-packed combo is rare, but it tastes delicious. It is packed with goodness and has a robust taste. It is not watered down, which makes it more appealing than most other flavors.

The dominant flavor in San Pellegrino pomegranate and orange is that of pomegranate. It is unexpected since the drink contains 11% orange juice and 5% pomegranate juice. The liquid has an intense red color. It is lighter and milkier than pure pomegranate juice.

The orange juice in this San Pellegrino drink is slightly bitter. Pomegranate is also not a sweet fruit. So, it tastes more bitter than sweet. However, it is not unpleasant and tends to grow on you. The color is rich, and the drink is deep and luscious.

The fruity aftertaste of this drink will build with each sip. It fits the expectations of a high-quality fruit beverage. The fragrance of the pomegranate enhances its appeal. Overall, it is a drink we highly recommend for its uniqueness and well-rounded taste.

5. Ficodindia e Arancia (Prickly Pear & Orange)

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When it comes to flavored beverages, orange, and prickly pear is an unusual flavor combination. San Pellegrino does a decent job with this combination and delivers a unique and delicious drink. It is sweeter than most other San Pellegrino flavors and has an unexpected flavor profile. However, it is not overwhelmingly sweet or unpleasant. Instead, this rose-colored beverage is refreshingly zingy with a crisp tartness.

The prominent flavor of the combination is orange. Prickly pear appears as an undertone at the end of each sip. The tartness of orange is not as pronounced as in other San Pellegrino flavored beverages. It is sweeter, like the juice of well-ripened oranges. Due to the sweet taste, it is a big hit with kids.

This flavored drink delicately balances sweetness with the punchiness of citrus barely seeping through. There is 30g of sugar in each serving. However, it has no sodium and only a small amount of artificial ingredients.

Due to the sweetness of the drink, use it judiciously as a mixer or cocktail. It may render your drink too sweet. The orange and prickly pear may mask the taste of the main ingredient if you use it generously.

4. Pompelmo (Grapefruit)

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The intense aroma of juicy, sun-ripened grapefruit hits the senses when you open Pompelmo sparkling grapefruit juice. It is enough to fall in love with the drink. The taste is appealing, although the scent makes us expect more strength.

Nonetheless, San Pellegrino Pompelmo is full of zesty goodness. It has a pale, opaque yellow color and looks beautiful when poured into a glass. The citrusy punch is strong. The drink is sweeter than it is tart.

If you like grapefruit drinks or Italian soda, you will enjoy this flavor. Although San Pellegrino Pompelmo Sparkling grapefruit technically contains only 16% grapefruit juice, it tastes like real grapefruit. Unlike other grapefruit beverages, it does not have the added flavors of other citrus fruits. So, it is a keeper.

3. Aranciata (Orange)

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This signature flavor from San Pellegrino tastes like orange but with a hint of lemon. It contains 20% original orange juice. It is neither too tart nor too sweet, although it has sugar. The sugar is almost caramelized and complements the citrus. The drink has an attractive orange color. It is like original orange juice with fizz and not like orange soda.

The bubbles in this flavor are refreshingly effervescent. The blend of subtle sweetness and the hint of tartness works so well that it can become addictive. The best thing about this beverage is that it tastes like fresh orange juice.

San Pellegrino Italian Sparkling drink orange tastes best when it is cold. Try garnishing it with a slice of orange or tangerine to enhance its deliciousness. The acidity of this drink makes it work well with pasta and fried snacks.

2. Aranciata Rossa (Blood Orange)

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The Blood Orange flavor from San Pellegrino can be considered an acquired taste. It is not off-putting. However, not everyone instantly takes to it.

San Pellegrino blood orange is not as bitter as the other citrus flavors. The taste of orange is sweeter than tart. However, it is not painfully sweet, like most orange sodas.

Although San Pellegrino’s blood orange has sugar, it is significantly lower than other fizzy sodas. The carbonation of the drink is also well-balanced. So, it is easy to drink. The best thing is that it has actual orange juice that produces an authentic fruity taste.

The San Pellegrino blood orange sparkling drink is a good summer beverage. It tastes best when chilled. You can also use it as a mixer in cocktails and dessert drinks. The addition of fizz and subtle tartness will enhance the overall flavor and add more depth to the mix.

1. Limonata (Lemon)

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San Pellegrino Lemon sparkling beverage is an excellent lemonade with the perfect balance of sweetness with tartness. Each serving has 16% pure and full-bodied lemon juice that is full of richness. The bubbles are crisp and clear, with just the right amount of fizz. It is neither too bubbly nor too sweet like candy. Instead, it is very refreshing and perfect for a warm summer day.

The brand mentions that they use the finest sun-ripened lemons from South Italy to prepare this beverage. The richness of flavor and well-balanced tones lead us to believe this claim. It is indeed one of the finest flavors from San Pellegrino!

If you like sweet lemonade, this San Pellegrino flavor will impress you. At 120 calories per serving, the drink hydrates without increasing your calorie intake. The strong tartness is well-rounded by the perfect sweet note at the end of every sip. It works at room temperature but tastes even better when chilled.

To wrap it up….

San Pellegrino makes some of the best flavored sparkling drinks. Their fruity flavors are further enhanced by the rich aromas and deep luscious texture of the drinks.

The next time you are looking for a healthier drink than a soda, this is the brand to reach out for. This list of our favorites will guide you towards the top choices from their line of products. Try it out in the order you prefer and let us know which one you like best.

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