15 Best SodaStream Flavors You Might Want to Try (2024)

If you are like most people, you will prefer sparkling water to still water. And if you find the fizzy, effervescent nature of sparkling water appealing, you will most likely enjoy flavored sparkling water even more.

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Unfortunately, carbonated water bottles can take up a lot of storage space. So, it can be challenging to stock up on cartons of these. Moreover, it can also be expensive.

SodaStream offers a simple and effective solution to these problems with their SodaStream Soda Syrup flavors. All that you need is a SodaStream machine and syrup flavors to make your sparkling water at home, any time you choose.

Our Choices for the Best Sodastream Flavors

Doesn’t this sound interesting? If you would like to try this idea, we suggest that you start with the best and most popular SodaStream flavors. Here is our list of favorites.

1. Cola

If you love caramel-laced cola, this is the right flavor for you.

  • Less sugar
  • Rich caramel flavor
  • Cheaper than store-bought cola drinks
  • No artificial flavors
  • No Aspartame or HFCS
  • More sweeter than citric
  • Doesn’t exactly resemble Coke

This classic flavor from SodaStream is the closest sparkling water you can get to a real cola drink. It has a rich, caramel-laced flavor and deep brown color. The taste is intense, with just the right amount of tartness.

SodaStream Cola flavor does a decent job as a cola-flavored seltzer. The best part is that it is healthier than store-bought colas and still delivers a crisp and refreshing sweet flavor. So, if you are looking for a tasty sparkling water flavor that gives you a somewhat similar taste to a bottle of Coke, we recommend SodaStream cola flavor.

However, if you prefer the citric overtones of Coke, the SodaStream Cola flavor may not live up to your expectations. It could turn out to be too sweet for your liking.

Overall Rating: 9.8/10 (Excellent)

2. Dr. Pete

This flavor from SodaStream reminds us of cherries and vanilla and is just as exciting as its name.

  • Classic SodaStream flavor
  • Delivers 45 calories per serving
  • Refreshing and complex flavor profile
  • Excellent as a mixer
  • Produces a vivid taste of cherry
  • As good as store-bought brands
  • Contains artificial sweeteners

The best thing about this flavor is that it delivers a similar and unique taste to the original brand. Unlike other SodaStream flavors that do not always replicate the same feeling as store-bought soda, this syrup is well-rounded and complex.

The flavors of cherry and vanilla are evident in both the scent and the taste. Furthermore, it has just the right amount of sweetness to make it a refreshing drink.

Dr. Pete’s flavor from SodaStream also gives you the flexibility of adding as much or as little syrup as you prefer. It isn’t too syrupy or overwhelmingly sweet, like the orange or lemon flavors.

So, if you like drinks with the right balance of sour and sweet, you are in for a treat. Dr.Pete’s soda flavor syrup tastes fruity with just a hint of vanilla.

Overall Rating: 9.5/10 (Excellent)

3. Ginger Ale

  • Makes appx. 7 liters of soda
  • Caffeine-free
  • A refreshing drink with a Punchy taste
  • Just the right amount of sweetness
  • No artificial aftertaste
  • Stores well
  • The taste is not exactly like the original ginger ale

This is undoubtedly a healthier and more economical option when compared to store-bought ginger ale. And it tastes delicious!

With SodaStream ginger ale syrup, you cannot expect the exact, authentic taste of ginger ale. While it fails to deliver the precise feeling of name brands, it is not too bad. Although not a 100% match, we can say that the taste remotely resembles Canada dry.

Nonetheless, it is trendy because this flavor has the zesty taste of ginger. The brand has managed to get the amount of sweetness just right, unlike many of the other characteristics.

SodaStream ginger ale syrup can offer significant relief when you are suffering from nausea or stomach issues. By delivering the punchy smell and taste of original ginger, it will ease your discomfort. Also, it is better than regular soda as it doesn’t contain as much sugar.

Ginger ale syrup also makes a sound mixer. You will find it useful if you like different flavors in your cocktails and drinks. Another benefit of this flavor is that you can add more of it to make the taste stronger and punchier. In a nutshell, we highly recommend it.

Overall Rating: 9.2/10 (Excellent)

4. Cream Soda

  • Mixing it with strawberry or peach gives it a good taste
  • It’s the easiest way to make Coca-Cola BlāK at home
  • Taste great and is affordable
  • Pour slowly, or the fizz will overflow the bottle
  • The mixture smells odd, and the aftertaste is bitter

I bought this flavor because I love cream soda and I thought it would be a fun flavor to try. This does not taste like cream soda, though. It tastes like butterscotch to me. It’s not horrible, but not what I spent my money on. If you like butterscotch then this is the flavor for you!

It is pretty tasty overall, but I still prefer a more authentic cream soda flavor like Mug or IBC Cream Soda.

Overall Rating: 8.9/10 (Very Good)

5. Diet Tonic

This is very convenient to have on hand all the time! It’s sweeter than regular tonic, but it has the same refreshing properties.

  • It has no quinine taste
  • This tonic water has a bright flavor
  • Reducing the use of plastic bottles
  • It’s a bit artificial tasting

I am a big fan of diet tonic water and I was so happy when I found out you could make it with Sodastream since I use it every day. When I first tried this flavor I wasn’t sure if I liked it or not, but now that I’ve had it for a while I like it. It’s very refreshing.

If you love tonic water, this is an awesome option!

Unfortunately, I can’t find it in stores anymore. I feel so lucky to have found it online because I enjoy the flavor!

Overall Rating: 8.7/10 (Very Good)

6. Root Beer

  • Great taste with few calories
  • No high-fructose corn syrup or aspartame
  • A bottle makes 36 servings
  • Has a slightly sweet aftertaste
  • It can be difficult to find in stores

I love root beer, and this is so much easier than making my own or buying a whole bottle of it. We loved it! It has the same taste as root beer but fewer calories and sugar than regular root beer.

It’s fun to use and saves money. I have a big family and it is so easy to make a soda for everyone. The taste is great and there is no corn syrup! I highly recommend it!

Overall Rating: 8.4/10 (Very Good)

7. Pink Grapefruit

  • Contains apple juice and grapefruit juice concentrate
  • Punchy flavor
  • A tangy, refreshing taste
  • Very affordable
  • Different from the original flavor
  • Syrupy taste

You will either love SodaStream pink grapefruit syrup or utterly despise it—there is no in-between!

The original pink grapefruit flavor from SodaStream had many die-hard fans. Most of them were disappointed with the revamped version of the flavor. The main concern was that it was too syrupy and tasted artificial, but not as tart as the previous version.

Nonetheless, this flavor still delivers a certain punchiness. It is just tangy enough to be interesting. And if you like fruity soda flavors, SodaStream pink grapefruit will most likely impress you. It is economical and as suitable as any other fruity carbonated soda.

When diluting it, you may end up with sparkling water that is too sweet if you stick to the formula on the bottle. Use less syrup if you aren’t fond of too much sweetness.

Overall Rating: 8.1/10 (Very Good)

8. Original Bubly Drops

  • No need to worry about recycling your cans
  • Easy to use, and doesn’t run out quickly
  • Mixing flavors creates interesting combinations
  • The syrup has a metallic aftertaste

If you love the bubly flavors you can find in stores, then you’re going to love these. They offer a variety of flavors like blackberry, lime, grapefruit, strawberry, cherry, and mango.

I was excited to try the bubly drops because I love sparkling water. I also like that there are no calories in them and they taste great. However, they don’t have the same zest as the original cans unless you pour a lot in.

I have tried all of the flavors and my favorite is cherry, followed by mango and at third would be grapefruit.

Overall Rating: 7.8/10 (Good)

9. Lemonade

  • Caffeine-free beverage
  • No artificial sweetener
  • Replicates the tartness of lemons
  • Just the right amount of sweetness
  • Very concentrated syrup
  • Takes practice to get the concentration just right

Whether you like your lemonade with light fizz or prefer it to be strongly carbonated, this flavor should do the trick.

With SodaStream homemade lemonade syrup, you can make flavored sparkling water that takes just like 7up. Although it is quite tart, it is sweet as well. So, you may not be able to get the same taste as Schweppes lemon water, if that is what you prefer. This is perhaps why some sparkling water enthusiasts stay away from this flavor because it is like carbonated juice.

The main challenge of this flavor is that although a dilution formula is provided for one liter of water, it is not exact. So, you will have to experiment to find the precise ratio of syrup to water that works for you.

Once you nail the proportion, this homestyle lemonade is sure to be your go-to hydration choice for warm summer days.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 (Good)

10. Fountain Mist

  • It’s low in sugar and easy to use
  • A great replacement for Mtn Dew
  • It will last for a long time
  • The bottle could be better

I am so glad I tried this flavor.

I love Mountain Dew, but I hate how much sugar it has and how fake the aspartame taste is. SodaStream Fountain Mist is what I use to make my own Mountain Dew at home, and this flavor tastes just like the real thing!

It’s easy to use and it is a big hit at parties or when you want a refreshing drink!

All in all, I love this and would recommend it to anyone.

Overall Rating: 7.2/10 (Good)

11. Orange

  • Less sugar and sweeteners than other brands
  • Tastes like store-bought brands of the same flavor
  • Strong zesty orange taste
  • Classic flavor choice
  • Good choice for summer
  • Can turn out to be too sweet
  • Unpleasant aftertaste

SodaStream orange syrup is a decent flavor that will make your sparkling water very interesting. However, not everyone is fond of the syrupy aftertaste!

Not everyone likes orange soda. If you aren’t too fond of orange soda, you may not like the SodaStream orange syrup either.

However, if you are fond of orange soda, you will most likely enjoy the SodaStream version of this flavor. It produces the same taste and sweetness that is associated with orange soda. However, it has fewer calories and hence is healthier.

The scent and the taste of the SodaStream orange flavor are very candy-like and not zesty. It is delightful. This is perhaps why children love SodaStream orange-flavored syrup. So, if your children do not drink enough water, you can try flavoring it with this syrup.

Take care to stick to the dilution formula that is suggested. If you add excess syrup, it can turn out to be extraordinarily syrupy and sweet. You can even start with a small quantity to be on the safe side and increase the syrup concentration if necessary.

Overall Rating: 6.7/10 (Above Average)

12. Diet Energy

  • Not too sweet and has good amounts of vitamins
  • Tastes a lot like Red Bull
  • A great substitute for energy drinks
  • Affordable
  • This product has a slightly unpleasant odor

A good-tasting, cheaper alternative to buying energy drinks. It’s tasty and has a nice kick of caffeine. There is a distinctively powerful, but balanced and palatable, energy drink flavor. It reminds me of Red Bull and Monster.

It is delicious without carbonation, too. I wish I could find these in a non-diet version as well, but at least they’re reasonably priced.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10 (Above Average)

13. Pepsi

  • Give your carbonation a boost and it will taste a lot better
  • A line on the cap so you know how much flavoring to use
  • Pepsi MAX is also available which is sugar-free
  • Makes as much as 9 liters
  • Leaves a bad aftertaste
  • Doesn’t taste the same as Pepsi

I’ve been a big fan of SodaStream for a long time, and I’ve tried almost all of its flavors. I bought this when it was first released because I’m a big Pepsi drinker, but I was disappointed.

I don’t think it tastes anything like Pepsi. It does have a very distinctive aftertaste that’s hard to describe. Maybe it’s the sweeteners? I’m not sure! But it’s not bad, just different than what I expected.

If you take the Pepsi name off, you are left with a decent drink.

Overall Rating: 6.2/10 (Above Average)

14. Lemon Lime

  • Authentic lemon-lime soda taste
  • Available at a reasonable price point
  • Works as a sound mixer for cocktails
  • Easy to get the right mix for a perfect taste
  • Just a little excess can make the drink very syrupy
  • Some people find it too sweet

When you want homemade lemon-lime soda that tastes just like a name-brand soda of lemon or lime flavor, go with SodaStream lemon lime syrup.

SodaStream lemon-lime syrup is a crowd favorite and easily one of the best flavors from the brand. It gets the tangy taste of lemon just right. So, sparkling water made using this syrup is very refreshing in hot weather.

This syrup contains less sugar than other brands, making it a healthier choice. Also, the flavor effectively replicates the sourness of lime, while managing to balance the taste with just the right amount of sweetness.

SodaStream lemon-lime is zesty and perfect for those who love the taste of Sprite. Nonetheless, it is much cheaper and undoubtedly healthier. The syrup bottles seal tightly, retaining freshness. So, you can leave it in your refrigerator for months, and it will still taste great.

An added benefit is that SodaStream lemon lime syrup is a sound mixer as well. Many users even suggest that it tastes good with still water.

With fewer calories and considerably less sugar than regular soda, don’t you think this flavor is worth a try?

Overall Rating: 5.9/10 (Average)

15. Cherry Cola

  • Much like the taste of canned cherry cola
  • Easy-to-mix formula
  • It doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste
  • Due to poor design, the cap often leaks.

The cherry cola flavor syrup is so nice! It has a real cherry taste and is not overly sweet. I found the cherry cola syrup to be very realistic in taste. It mixes very well in cold water and doesn’t have any weird aftertaste.

I use it in my SodaStream machine and it is perfect every time. It is just as good as regular soda, but it only has half of the sugar!

I’m not sure if this is just a bad bottle or not, but the cap on this doesn’t seal properly. I’ve had to throw out a good amount of syrup because it leaked everywhere.

Overall Rating: 5.4/10 (Average)

Now that we have looked at our top picks from the full range of SodaStream flavors, let us also address some of the common questions regarding this brand.

Is SodaStream healthy?

SodaStream indeed claims that it is healthier than regular sodas. But we cannot just take it at face value. So, let us take a closer look at the essential facts regarding SodaStream sparkling water syrups.

best sodastream flavors

Firstly, SodaStream flavored syrups contain sweeteners like sucralose. So, when you choose SodaStream, you are still drinking sugar water. It isn’t the same thing as plain water that contains zero sugar.

However, the amount of sugar that you thrust upon your body is certainly going to be smaller than in the case of other carbonated beverages. So, if you are trying to cut down on your soda intake, SodaStream water is the right choice.

Another factor to consider is cost. SodaStream flavors are highly concentrated. When you use it to make flavored water, it will turn out to be cheaper than buying equal quantities of soda from the store.

Nonetheless, customers have expressed concerns that the revamped SodaStream bottles are not as economical as the previous ones. The dilution formula has changed in these new versions. Even so, it turns out to be much cheaper than readymade soda.

Finally, if you have trouble meeting your daily fluid needs, carbonated water may be useful. The flavored versions are generally more interesting than plain water, and this can work to your benefit. SodaStream flavors can be convenient in this case.

Final takeaway…

In this article, we discussed the most popular SodaStream flavors. We also looked at the significant pros and cons of each flavor so that you can make an informed decision.

If you are keen on experimenting with a variety of flavors in sparkling water syrups, consider SodaStream variety packs. These packs contain various flavors, and you can save more than buying each flavor individually. Nevertheless, you may not love all of them equally. So, this is a risk you should consider.

Finally, bear in mind that SodaStream contains artificial sweeteners and hence may not be suitable for everyone. If you are very particular about avoiding fake stuff, you may prefer to avoid SodaStream syrups and instead flavor your sparkling water naturally.

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