BodyArmor vs. Gatorade – Which Sports Drink Is Best?

Do you experience dehydration, cramps, or severe exhaustion after working out?

When this happens, it is because your body loses its natural electrolytes with water during physical exertion. Sports drinks like BodyArmor and Gatorade can prevent it by replenishing lost electrolytes and hydrating the body. These sports drinks are also more appealing than plain old water, because of their delicious flavors and energy benefit claims.

bodyarmor vs gatorade

Gatorade has been the market leader in sports drinks for all these years. However, the CEO of Bodyarmor claims that his brand will replace Gatorade as the new sports drinks king in the next few years. But, the outcome of this challenge depends on us, the consumers.

So, which of these brands is better? Let us take a closer look at the most significant aspects and find out for ourselves.

Comparing the nutrition, electrolytes, and sugar levels of both drinks

You may know for a fact that most sports drinks are loaded with sugar. BodyArmor and Gatorade are no exceptions!

However, BodyArmor has 18g of sugar per 8oz serving while Gatorade has 36g. The line of products in Bodyarmor Lyte contains only 2grams of sugar per bottle.

If we look at the rest of the ingredients, BodyArmor is a more natural drink when compared to Gatorade. The brand uses coconut water as the base. It also uses natural flavors and is free of preservatives, gluten, and caffeine. Meanwhile, Gatorade uses artificial dyes, colors, preservatives, and GMO ingredients.

While comparing numbers, let us not forget that Gatorade has 250mg sodium and 65mg potassium as opposed to 15mg sugar and 300mg potassium in BodyArmor.

So, BodyArmor is lower in calories but higher in electrolyte content.

Taste and texture comparison

BodyArmor is thicker than Gatorade. So, it isn’t surprising that the serving recommendations for BodyArmor are smaller than Gatorade. Nonetheless, it is very satisfying.

However, Gatorade wins the flavor race with a wide range of diverse flavors. They have 28 Gatorade flavors and the brand is constantly adding new and exciting flavors. It has both single-fruit and mixed-fruit flavors.

Interestingly, Gatorade is better known for its colors than its flavors. While BodyArmor does not have too many flavors, they have an exciting fusion of fruity flavors that suit all tastes.

Which one offers better hydration?

Both Gatorade and BodyArmor improve hydration levels after a workout. They ease the parched feeling, eliminate cramps, and help one bounce back to full energy. In this sense both drinks are winners.

However, it is worth remembering that BodyArmor recommends smaller servings to achieve similar results. With its thicker texture and fruity flavors, BodyArmor is very satisfying. It makes you feel energetic and hydrated at the end. Meanwhile, Gatorade is light and rehydrating.

The Final Verdict: Gatorade vs BodyArmor

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Although Gatorade is a household name, BodyArmor is quickly catching up. The primary reason is that it is a more natural drink. The nutritional profile of Bodyarmor is more attractive than Gatorade because it contains no artificial colors, preservatives, or GMO ingredients.

Nevertheless, we cannot overlook the fact that while both drinks rehydrate and replenish electrolytes, they contain copious amounts of sugar. The only difference is that BodyArmor uses pure cane sugar and delivers fewer calories when compared to Gatorade.

In the end, pure water is the healthiest option because it is free from empty calories, preservatives, and colors. Hence, it does not produce any unwanted side effects in the long term. Nevertheless, you can safely consume Gatorade and BodyArmor in moderation. Regardless of how tired you are after a workout, stick to the recommended daily allowance when looking to refuel your body with these sports drinks.

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