Clover Honey vs. Wildflower Honey: How Are They Different?

Honey, the naturally occurring sweetener is more than just about the deliciousness. It is the best choice of sugar alternative and is found to be effective in different weight loss recipes. Now, is honey just honey? No, definitely no! There is a wide range of different types of honey available in the market. They may be varying depending upon the source of the nectar, texture, level of processing, etc. Out of these, the source of the nectar is the major reason for the difference in taste. Let us dive deeper:

clover honey vs wildflower honey

Ever heard of ‘the source of honey nectar’?

Well, it just might not be a familiar phrase, it simply means the organic flora from where the honey has been collected. Considering the source of nectar, honey is further divided into Unifloral type and Multifloral type. Just as the names indicate, the first one is collected from a single type of flower, while the latter from different types of flowers.

Now, let us see how Clover honey and Wildflower honey are categorized:

Clover honey is a unifloral honey, collected from the Clover flower. This is a genus under the name Trifolium, with over 300 different species, mostly found in the temperate and subtropical regions. This plant is grown as fodder plants and hence we can find stretches of clover plants in certain areas. They are largely pollinated by honey bees, making clover honey, one of the easily available types of honey on the market.

Wildflower honey on the other hand is a multifloral type of honey. It is collected from the honey bees that feed on several different types of flowers more specifically, wildflowers. The taste, quality, aroma, and color of wildflower honey mostly depend on the types of flowers that are being involved. In this case, it is always important to know from where the honey is being sourced, to confirm if all the plants are organic and if their honey is fit for consumption.

Do they taste alike?

No, just because they are all honey collected by honey bees, they do not taste alike. Clover honey has a mild, light taste that can perfectly compliment anything it is being paired with. Wildflower honey on the other hand may be differing in its taste, depending on the time of year it is being collected. But, it always has a more robust taste than clover honey.

Do they look alike?

The colors of both Clover honey and Wildflower honey are in line with their taste levels. Clover honey is of a light color, just like its taste. Wildflower honey on the other hand has a bolder color that increases as the taste becomes more overwhelming.

Are the two equally good for cooking?

Both Clover honey and Wildflower honey can be used in the kitchen for different recipes. But there would be a stark difference in honey taste in the completed dish. Yes, it is found that with its bolder taste, wildflower honey gives that honey-like taste in the final dish. Clover honey on the other hand would not be standing out with its taste.

It is also noteworthy to mention that Clover honey is more preferred than Wildflower honey as a “condiment” for biscuits or cookies on your breakfast table.

Ending on a honey-sweet note

There may be a number of different supermarket brands selling varied types of honey. It is important to choose the right brand that sells real honey! This is because there are a number of different brands that sell honey that is not 100% pure. Considering this situation, it would be preferred to buy honey from trusted farmer’s markets or from local sources that directly sell them to the supermarkets.

Buy the right honey and spread sweetness!

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