Top 5 Best Kitchen Scales – Digital Kitchen Scale Reviews

A kitchen scale is an essential part of your kitchen toolkit. Unlike yesterday’s ugly plastic kitchen scale that provided inaccurate measurements, today’s kitchen scales are attractive, sleek, and electronic.

best kitchen scale

They enable you to measure out food accurately, instead of trying to do the guesswork for a recipe or particular diet plan. Kitchen scales also allow you to switch between metric or imperial measurements, which is helpful when you’re using your grandmother’s old cookbook.

There are many reasons why you need to have the right kitchen scale. There are certainly plenty of choices on the market today, but we have chosen the top 5 for you for review.

Why You Need to Use a Kitchen Scale

There are many reasons why a kitchen scale is useful. Many recipes provide measures in ounces and pounds, or grams and kilograms. It can be frustrating as to why you’re doing your flour or butter measurements this way instead of using cups, but it can provide a more accurate way to measure things.

Many people quickly measure ingredients or use a regular spoon to do so. While this technique is excellent for most recipes, if you’re venturing into the more complicated recipes, a food scale is essential.

Many recipes can be challenging to achieve an acceptable result, such as angel food cake, souffle, or creme brulee. If you get the measurements wrong, you could have a failure in the kitchen. Your dessert may not rise since the other ingredients overwhelmed the leavening.

A kitchen scale will allow you to accurately measure out your ingredients and save you money from having to toss your failed dish down the garburator. Now there will be no more of “a little bit of this, a little bit of that” in trying to figure out how much each measurement is.

Many people are on individual diet plans where they must measure their food. In some instances, the nutrients’ measurements must be correct, such as for diabetics or people who have heart disease. A kitchen scale is also useful for helping you to conform to a particular menu plan or even a diet plan where you’re trying to lose weight.

Features to Consider When Buying a Kitchen Scale

Before you purchase a kitchen scale, you should consider the essential features that you need. Many scales also come with additional benefits. Keep in mind that the more functions it can perform, the higher the cost.

Here are some functions and features to check before your purchase.

  1. Price: If you’re only going to use your scale occasionally, you probably don’t want to spend a lot of money on it. But if you use it several times a day, or to help you run a home business, you may wish to make a more significant investment.
  2. Size or shape: Some people want to have an attractive scale they can keep on the counter, one that doesn’t take up a lot of room. Others may wish to tuck it under the table when not in use.
  3. Metric and imperial/US measurements: If you live in a country that uses metric, you don’t want to buy an American scale that only does imperial.
  4. Colour: Some scales go beyond your primary silver color, so you can choose black, red, or even teal to coordinate with your other kitchen appliances.
  5. Special functions and features: Some scales allow you to subtract the weight of the measuring cup so that you can have an accurate measurement of your flour, butter, food, etc. There may also be other capabilities that can help save you time and aggravation.

Top 5 Kitchen Scales to Buy Now

Here are five of the best choices in kitchen scales to consider for your kitchen counter. You’ll notice how each of them has differing features and looks, so carefully read through the list of features before making your choice.

1. Ozeri Pronto Digital Multifunction Kitchen and Food Scale

ozeri pronto digital multifunction kitchen and food scalebuy now

Features :

  • Affordable circular digital scale.
  • Seven different designer colors: black, green, red, silver, silver on black, teal blue, and white.
  • The scale measures up to 11 lbs or 5050 grams.
  • It provides measurements between 0.05 ounces or 1 gram.
  • Compact design that is simple to maintain.

The Ozeri kitchen scale looks a lot like the older scales from the last century that was circular and provided a narrow base for ingredients. This scale is best for directly measuring smaller foods or for holding a small bowl than a giant mixing bowl or plate. It does come in seven different colors and is an excellent choice for the person who has a more modest apartment kitchen with little space.

This kitchen scale is made in an elegant chrome finish. The controls are accessed through two large buttons for precision tare and automatic units on the front. They provide an audible clicking sound that confirms they have been pressed.

The precision tare button will allow the scale to calculate the net weight of the ingredients, minus the weight of your bowl or container. The automatic unit button can convert from metric (grams, kilograms) to imperial (ounces, pounds).

The automatic unit button will allow you to convert between 5 different units of measurements, including g, lbs, oz, kg, and ml.

All measurements are presented on the small LCD screen on the front center. This scale needs two AAA batteries, which are included in the box. The battery compartment is easy to access, without any special tools required.

2. Etekcity Digital Multifunction Food Kitchen Scale

etekcity food digital kitchen weight scalebuy now

Features :

  • Rectangular shape with rounded corners.
  • It has a brushed stainless steel color with a large LCD panel in front.
  • Weighs more than food: use as postage scale, jewelry sales, more.
  • Small compact design stores neatly in a cupboard, stackable.
  • Batteries included in the box.

This kitchen scale is engineered with four high precision sensors to provide the most accurate weight each time. It will measure up to 11 lb or 5 kg capacity. It has a large flat platform and a slender design. This scale has been made from real stainless steel that resists fingerprints, making it easier to keep clean.

If you’d like to be able to weigh ingredients in measuring bowls or plates, this scale offers a broad base that will provide for accurate measuring. You can also use this scale to weigh packages so you can accurately predict shipping costs, or to weigh jewelry if you want to sell your gold or silver.

This is a user-friendly scale to help you measure out your portions in the kitchen. The tare function is precise, and you can also reset the weight to zero. There is also a quick unit conversion, volume measurement, and a violet backlight to help you to see the measurement readout.

This scale also has a low battery indicator, so you know when the two AAA batteries need to be replaced. Auto shut off will turn the scale off in case you forget to.

3. EatSmart Precision Pro Digital Kitchen Scale

eatsmart precision pro digital kitchen scalebuy now

Features :

  • Fun and unique rounded design.
  • Four designer color options: white, red, silver, black chrome.
  • Simple to use scale.
  • Measures up to the standard 11 pounds.
  • Tare feature eliminates the weight of containers.

This scale has a two-level design, with a circular measurement platter above an oval base. It has been designed to be highly accurate, yet still looks attractive enough for permanent support on the kitchen counter. There is a large LED panel on the front base, with on/off/tare and unit buttons. The LED panel is in high resolution to make for more comfortable viewing. With the purchase of this scale is a free EatSmart Calorie Factors Guide to help you get started in portion controls and calorie counting.

This scale will display ounces or pounds, and grams and kilograms. It does measurement gradations in 0.05 ounces or 1 gram. The tare function provides a total measurement without the cup or container. The scale will also save the last unit function you put in, so you won’t have to reset it between imperial or metric.

The scale has a three-minute auto shut-off, so you’ll never waste the battery power. Inside the box are two AAA batteries. There are five rubber feet on the base to keep the scale from sliding around on the counter.

4. Ozeri Touch Professional Tempered Glass Digital Kitchen Scale

ozeri touch professional digital kitchen scalebuy now

Features :

  • Five bright designer colors available: black, lime green, red engine, teal blue, and white.
  • Touch-sensitive buttons.
  • Flat, compact design with rounded corners.
  • The tempered glass surface is easy to clean.
  • Strong and durable.

This scale lacks buttons instead of having touch controls on either side of the LCD screen. The LCD screen is significant and displays both metric and imperial selections. This scale has a fast response time for the cook who needs to get things done quickly. Its modern design is also attractive enough to keep on your kitchen counter and wipes down quickly and easily.

This scale has a tempered glass top with a colored base, made from a sturdy material that resists chips, scratches, and breakage. It’s four times stronger than regular glass.

This scale has an award-winning thin design that will stow away in the cupboard easily. This scale is made with four high precision GFX sensors to measure your food. It provides measurements in 0.05 ounce to 1 gram increments, and weight up to 12 pounds or 5750 grams.

Like the other scales, the Ozeri can also calculate only the weight of the ingredients, minus the weight of the container. This scale takes two lithium batteries, which are included in the box. The battery compartment is easily accessible.

5. OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel Food Scale with Pull-Out Display

oxo good grips stainless steel food scalebuy now

Features :

  • Traditional scale look in light grey/black color.
  • Premium stainless steel.
  • Four-button functions.
  • 11 lb capacity.
  • 1/8 ounce or 1 gram increments.

If you’re really into cooking, the OXO branded scale has been recommended by Cook’s Illustrated. The OXO kitchen scale can measure up to 11 lbs and in 1/8 ounce and 1 gram increments. There is a zero function that you can press so you can add additional ingredients to your bowl without having to remove the first one. The buttons and LCD panel are on the lower front of the scale and have a pull-out function so that if your plate or bowl overlaps, you can still easily view the measurements.

The LCD panel is easy to read, with large display numbers. There is also an optional backlight button so you can make it easier to read in lower lighting conditions. The scale’s platform can be removed so that you can handwash it. The scale is also narrow enough that it will tuck easily into the cupboard.

This scale will also inform you how much capacity is left on the scale: 11 pounds minus the weight of your ingredients. This kitchen scale takes four AAA batteries. The default reading in US pounds and ounces but can be changed to grams and kilograms by using the button on the far left.

You’ll notice from these five different scales how they can vary in shape and design. If you consider the types of containers you want to place on your scale, you should be able to narrow down your options. Most scales take upwards of 11 lbs or more and have a tare calculation. Having an auto-off function can be helpful, as well as non-skid feet on the base.

If you want a scale for occasional use, a kitchen scale under $15 should suit you. But if you’re planning on measuring your portions or ingredients for your recipes several days a week, then a premium scale such as the OXO Good Grips may be the wiser choice. No matter which scale you choose, you’ll soon discover how your recipes are more successful, with better taste and texture. A right kitchen scale will allow you to follow the instructions of a complicated recipe more easily accurately.

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