The 5 Best Store-Bought Oyster Crackers Money Can Buy

As delicious as your seafood stew or clam chowder may be, it is incomplete without oyster crackers on the side. By adding the perfect bite to steaming soup, these tiny nibbles can elevate your soup-drinking experience and make it super-satisfying!

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Surprisingly, the term ‘oyster crackers’ is a misnomer, for they contain no oyster. They are made with wheat flour and salt. They probably got their name because of their oyster-like shape or because they were always served with oyster stews.

Regardless of how their name came about, they are an excellent accompaniment for seafood soups and stews. You could also enjoy them as a snack instead of regular saltines.

So, if you haven’t tried them before, now would be a good time! Here is a buying guide to the best oyster crackers brands to get you started.

5. Keebler Zesta Oyster Crackers

Keebler Zesta oyster crackers resemble the crackers you would receive at any high-end seafood restaurant. They are light and flaky, with a rich buttery flavor. These crackers have the perfect amount of salt. They are lightly toasted and divinely crunchy.

We love the fact that Keebler Zesta oyster crackers are Kosher and made with enriched wheat flour. Whether you have them with soup or on their own, they are deliciously satisfying. The ingredient list is available on the package. However, it does not indicate how many calories or carbs are present. The expiration date is also listed as a code, which is not very easy to figure out.

4. Nabisco, Premium Soup and Oyster Crackers

Nabisco Premium soup and oyster crackers taste fresh and are reasonably priced. They go well with most soups and chowders. They also hold their shape and texture. So, you can easily drop them into a hot soup and they will not disintegrate and drown at once.

However, these oyster crackers hardly have any salt. Many users complain that they taste bland. While this won’t matter when you have it with soup it will not be a tasty snack. We would have liked it better if it was slightly more toasted.

3. Olde Cape Cod Oyster Crackers

Olde Cape Oyster crackers are all-natural crackers with no preservatives or trans fats. They taste like mildly salted pillows of dough. You may find that they are thicker and denser than other crackers. They are not very crispy but are soft and delicious.

If you do not like doughy crackers, steer clear of Olde Cape oyster crackers. However, if you like soft and fluffy crackers in your chowder or stew, these are perfect. You can also use them in cheese platters and casseroles.

2. Wicked Minis Seasoned Oyster Crackers

Bored of eating plain old salted oyster crackers? Try Wicked Mix Premium seasoned oyster crackers for an exciting change.

They come in three different flavors—garden dill, garlic parmesan, and crushed red pepper. All flavors beautifully complement soups and stews. Since these oyster crackers pack a lot of flavor into each bite, they are very addictive. It is a tasty snack by itself, and it also adds excellent crunch to hot stews and soups. They hold their shape and do not become very soggy. You can even toss them into salads and trail mix for a crunchy bite.

These crackers come in resealable bags and are easy to store. But it is unlikely that you will have any left once you open a pack. On the downside, these are expensive oyster crackers. However, it is worth the price because cheaper brands will not be as tasty.

1. New England Original, Westminster Bakers Oyster Crackers

This brand mentions that they slowly bake their oyster crackers to deliver a thicker and more satisfying crunch. True to their word, these oyster crackers are light and flaky, with the right hint of saltiness. The consistency, flavor, and crunch are simply divine.

Westminster Bakers oyster crackers are Non-GMO and Kosher. They go well with soups, stews, and seafood chowder. The mini-packets are travel-friendly and contain enough for a single serving of soup. However, they tend to go stale quickly, even when sealed in the original packaging. It is better to transfer and store them in airtight containers to keep them fresh for longer.

To wrap it up….

As a soup-lover, I can tell you that the right cracker can completely transform a delicious bowl of soup. And when it is seafood soup, nothing beats oyster crackers on the side. Fold these almost-round pillowy bites into your oyster stew or clam chowder, and they will enhance the texture and taste. You will find the combination deliciously addictive!

So, step away from saltines and soup crackers. Step up your game with the oyster crackers on our list. Rest assured, they will make your seafood soup a dish to savor and remember!

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