7 Best Selling Popsicle Molds for Toddlers (2021 Reviews)

A cool ice pop on a hot afternoon is a treat that can cheer up anyone, be it an adult or a kid. The good news is you don’t have to wait for the ice cream truck anymore to bring in that cheer. We have curated for you the seven best popsicle molds that are available in the market. These molds are easy to use, easy to store, and allow you to make limitless popsicles of all colors, flavors, and textures. For adults, these little plastic trays open a new world of icy cool possibilities. Spiked lemonade popsicle, strawberry, and yogurt ice pop, anyone?

best popsicle molds

Having established that you are indeed missing something if you don’t own one already, let’s move on to understand what makes a good popsicle mold.

Material: Popsicle molds come in either hard plastic or silicone. It is advisable to go for one that states it is ‘BPA free’. BPA, which stands for Bisphenol A, is a chemical found in certain kinds of plastics. It is reported to have negative effects on the body, according to a report published on Healthline. Also make sure that the plastics are free of ‘Phthalates’, which are added to increase flexibility. This is reported to affect your health negatively as well.

Size: Are you a family with kids? Are they infants or teens? These questions are important to consider as there are popsicle molds that cater to different age groups. While some are small, and come with handles that are specially designed for toddlers to hold, some others are long and broad — inconvenient for a kid to finish in one sitting. In this list, you will find popsicles of diverse sizes and shapes.

Drip guard: A drip guard is a small bowl-like surface that surrounds the stick of the popsicle. As the popsicle melts, the liquid collects in this space. This ensures that your hands are not sticky and your clothes remain stainless. This is a great feature to have in a mold especially if the popsicles are for kids.

Best Popsicle Molds – a Detailed Look at Our Top Choices

Let’s dig into the reviews…

1. Zoku Classic Pop Molds With Sticks and Drip-guards

This hard plastic mold can turn your healthy fruit juice and crunchy smoothies into cool ice pops overnight. It is easy to maintain and easier to use and can fit snugly in your freezer.

zoku classic pop moldsbuy now


  • Makes six four-inch long pops of 3.1 fluid ounces each
  • Each mold consists of a stick with a drip guard
  • Made of hard plastic
  • Designed in the USA, made in China


  • Made with BPA and phthalates free material
  • Easy to use and clean
  • The pop can be easily removed from the mold


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • The molds crack or break easily
  • The drip guard is too small

What you can expect when you buy this product is a sturdy green container that has six popsicle molds. Each mold consists of a removable cup. It is into these cups that you will have to pour the juice, melted candy, or melted chocolate — anything that you want to turn into an ice pop. Cover the molds with caps that contain the sticks. You can keep them overnight (for approximately 8 hours) to get well-set ice pops. Once you take them out, run the popsicle cups under warm water for a few seconds, and then pull the sticks out. This automatically pulls the popsicles out.

The whole process is fairly easy, though you might want to hold the stick upright as there is a chance that the ice pop might slide off of it. Though there is a drip guard attached to the stick, it is not big enough to contain all the liquid that drips while you enjoy your pop. So don’t forget to wear a bib, or hold a plate underneath for the liquid that spills out. The product is not dishwasher safe and is susceptible to breakage if not handled with care. The maintenance is, however, easy. Just a light wash with soap and water should keep it clean. The popsicles taste fresh (no plastic taste) and the item itself requires very little space in your freezer.

2. U.S. Kitchen Supply Jumbo Rainbow Ice Pop Mold Set

Bright and colorful, this mold creates little fruit-shaped popsicles that any kid would want to hold and take a bite off. With a stem and a leaf as its hold, this might be a great buy if you are thinking of a fun snack for your kids.

us kitchen supply jumbo rainbow ice pop mold setbuy now


  • Make 12 five and a half-inch long ice pops of four ounces of liquid each
  • Comes in a total of six pairs (hence total 12)
  • The molds are shaped like fruits and the handles like stems
  • Made of plastic
  • Designed in the USA, made in China


  • Made with BPA free materials
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Comes with a built-in handle and drip guard


  • The popsicles seem smaller than advertised
  • The molds begin to crack after a few times of using it

This product would look like a colorful toy set if you didn’t know its purpose. This can be a great choice of mold for families with kids or adults who like their fruit-shaped popsicles. Yes, the molds are shaped like fruits — in different colors. You can pour your juice, blended fruit, jams, yogurts, or ice cream into the mold, and cover it with a cap that has an inbuilt stem with which you hold the ice pop.

It is challenging to cap the mold. Care should be taken to keep the molds erect inside the freezer, and away from other objects that are likely to topple them. The end product  — the ice pop — is smaller than expected. However, this makes it even more appealing to kids who can hold it in their tiny fists without any trouble. It is also a great option for adults who like to snack small, and snack often. The popsicles come off easily when the mold is run under warm water or kept out for a few minutes.

3. Nuby Garden Fresh Fruitsicle Frozen Pop Tray

This mold makes tiny popsicles that fit in a toddler’s hands. With this product, you can make popsicles out of breast milk, vegetable and fruit puree, or fruit juice that will keep your toddlers happy, and as a bonus, help with their teething.

nuby garden fresh fruitsicle frozen pop traybuy now


  • Four popsicle molds with handles that can be held by infants
  • Makes one fluid ounce popsicles
  • Made of plastic
  • Made in China


  • Made of plastic that is BPA free
  • Wide drip guard
  • Makes extra-small popsicles fit for toddlers


  • Hogs a lot of space in the freezer
  • Pops are difficult to get out of the mold

This item is made to keep toddlers in mind. The popsicle handles are wide and sturdy, convenient enough for an infant to grip. The drip catch has a wide mouth and collects most of the liquid that melts down from the popsicle. If you are planning to use this popsicle maker on a regular basis, make sure there is enough space in your freezer. This item includes a plastic tray, which is a little too wide for four small one fluid ounce popsicle molds.

Once you pour in the liquid — be it breast milk, vegetable or fruit puree, or fruit juice — stick in the handle and place it in the freezer for a couple of hours. That’s all the time it takes for your popsicles to be ready.

It is a little challenging to take the popsicle out of the tray, even if you run it under hot water or twist it a bit, as you would an ice tray. The handle can sometimes break off the popsicle when pulled too hard. If you don’t mind the extra tug to pull your popsicle out, this is a good option to make tiny popsicles.

4. Tovolo Groovy Ice Pop Molds w/ Drip-Guard Handle

For those who do not want to settle with the classic ice pop shape, here is a brand that gives you popsicles shaped like rockets, stars, and jewels. They come in different colors and make fairly big popsicles.

tovolo groovy ice pop molds w/ drip-guard handlebuy now


  • Available in nine different colors
  • Available in different shapes such as rocket, star, jewel and twin, besides the more conventional groovy and classic styles
  • Each popsicle is four and a half inches in height and made with four ounces of liquid
  • Comes with a recipe booklet
  • Made in China


  • Made with BPA-free plastic
  • The molds fit well on to the base
  • Comes with drip guards
  • The popsicle is easy to remove from the mold


  • The tray is space consuming
  • Challenging to clean as the mold is very deep

With this item you can turn your healthy smoothies into a fun guilt-free snack. These molds make large popsicles, and your kid might not be able to go through an entire pop in one sitting. The makers probably foresaw this, and have designed the product in such a way that you can eat half a popsicle and keep it back inside the freezer by putting its cap back on.

Each tray consists of either four, five, or six molds depending on the style that you choose. If you are making a batch, you can fill all the molds with your fruit juice, yogurt and fruit mash, coconut water, or any other concoction, tighten the caps (each cap has the stick and the drip guard attached on it), and fix them onto the tray. However, if you want to make just a couple of popsicles, you don’t need the tray. You can fill the molds with your desired liquid, and find some compact place in your freezer to rest the mold.

The drip guard is a considerably large bowl that’s attached to the cap and collects the melted popsicle while you are holding it. Though it comes in different colors and shapes that kids might particularly find attractive, the size of the popsicles is a little too big for comfort. The molds are deep, and you might need a bottle brush to clean them.

5. Lekue Stackable 4 Pieces Popsicle Mould

This silicone mold is stackable and makes for a mess-free popsicle making experience. Shaped like tiny palm-sized lunch boxes, they consume very little space in your freezer.

lekue stackable 4 pieces popsicle mouldbuy now


  • Comes in a set of four molds made of silicone
  • Each mold comes with a tight lid and a reusable plastic stick
  • Each popsicle made using this mold is about two to three inches tall
  • Each mold can fit about two fluid ounces of liquid
  • Comes with a recipe booklet
  • Made in China


  • Since it is stackable, it saves room in freezer
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The mold is flexible, and can be twisted to relieve the popsicle
  • The sticks are made of BPA-free plastic


  • The lids sometimes do not lock causing the popsicle to leak
  • There is no drip guard

Lekue’s popsicle molds can save you a lot of space in the freezer, as the molds can be stacked on top of the other, instead of next to each other as in other molds. While they can be laid one on top of the other, there is no groove on the molds to click them in.

The popsicles made out of these molds are small, and perfect for kids. Each mold comes with a reusable stick and a lid. While a majority have no complaints, some users found that the lids do not lock and the molds leak. The sticks have to be placed first in the mold before pouring the liquid and let it set. Else it is bound to leak.

Since the quantity is less, the popsicles freeze quickly. A slight twist pops the popsicle out. There is no drip guard attached to the stick. The size of each popsicle, however, is so tiny that you might not need one. The kids might need a bib before holding one the ice pops, though.

6. Homemade Silicone Popsicle Molds by Wellwood

If you are planning a big party, this item is the best to ensure you have enough popsicles for all. You can make 10 ice pops at a time in these molds that are four-inch deep and made of silicone.

homemade silicone popsicle molds by wellwoodbuy now


  • The molds are made of silicone
  • Each set comes with a tray with 10 cavities, 50 popsicle bags, and 50 plastic sticks
  • Each order also consists of a recipe book, a funnel to pour the liquid into the mold, and a brush to clean the mold
  • Each popsicle made using the mold measures four inches in height and two inches in width
  • The tray is eight-inch wide


  • The silicone mold is very flexible
  • Each tray set comes with a lid that can be snapped on it and acts as a protective cover
  • A large batch of popsicles can be made at a time
  • Dishwasher safe


  • It has a strong silicone smell when new
  • The popsicles are hard to pull out

If you are planning to serve popsicles to a big group of people, then this is probably the best product that you can go for. The popsicles made using these are large — about four inches in height. At a time, you can make 10 popsicles. The best part is that the product comes with 50 popsicle bags, which can be used for storing the pops.

The mold, however, has a strong smell of silicone which you can get rid of by soaking it in soapy warm water and vinegar for a few hours, or rinsing it in the dishwasher. The tray is flexible and highly bendy. So care should be taken while placing a fully-filled tray into the freezer, lest it spills on the freezer floor.

The sticks are BPA free, and fit for everyday use. Since the popsicles are long, you might have to twist the silicone mold several times to get the popsicle out. Unfortunately, the Wellwood molds do not come with a drip guard. Either get ready to gobble it up fast, or get your hands sticky.

7. Popsicle Molds with Sticks Ice Pop Maker by Mamasicles

Mamasicles’ molds are sturdy and durable, and have a long life span. They come with a funnel to pour the liquid into the molds without spilling any out. The molds make average-sized popsicles that are convenient to hold.

popsicle molds with sticks ice pop maker by mamasiclesbuy now


  • Made with plastic
  • Comes with a silicone funnel and a brush to clean the molds
  • Each tray consists of six popsicle molds
  • Each mold can contain a little over three ounces of liquid
  • Each pop is about four inches in height
  • Made in China


  • It is made of plastic that is BPA free
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The molds fit perfectly on the tray
  • Each mold comes with a drip tray that collects the liquid as the popsicle melts
  • Comes with vented popsicle sticks that make it easier to pull out the ice pops from the molds
  • Comes with lifetime refund guarantee


  • The lid doesn’t lock on to the mold
  • Hard to pull the popsicle out of the mold

Each tray consists of six molds which can hold a little over three ounces of fluid each. The ice pops that come out are four inches long. After you pour your favorite popsicle mix into the molds, cover it with a lid that has a vented stick attached to it. The stick is vented, in the sense that it has a hole in it. This allows the liquid to freeze through it, and tighten the grip of the ice pop around the stick, thereby making it easier to pull the ice pops out of the molds.

The lid also has a wide drip bowl attached to it, ensuring that your hands don’t get sticky when you are having your popsicle. All is great with this product except for two things. Firstly, the lid doesn’t click on to the mold and merely rests on top of it. So it can topple off if something else in your freezer accidentally falls on it. And secondly, the handle with which you are supposed to pull the popsicle out is very smooth, making it almost slippery and hard to get a grip on.

Concluding thoughts…

Popsicle molds can help turn your fruit juice into a delightful dessert. For those who are health conscious, this offers the flexibility to replace the store-bought high-sugar popsicles with healthier ones. The molds that we have listed comprise both silicone and hard plastic ones. While silicones are flexible and can be twisted to release the ice pops out of the molds, the hard plastic ones need to be run under warm water to pull out the popsicles. We have listed molds that have been specifically designed for kids, and those that suit freezers with a space crunch. Ease of use and maintenance is a common thread that runs in all the products listed. Hope this detailed rundown of the best popsicles has helped you pick the right one.

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