Top 7 Best G FUEL Flavors of 2021 – Ranked by Taste

Energy drinks are quick and easy solutions for days when you must be active, athletic, or alert.

These unique formulas, meticulously created with proprietary “energy blends,” promise to deliver an energy boost for several hours, when you need it most.

best gfuel flavor

Of the different energy drink brands, G FUEL from Gamma Labs is very popular. It is available in the form of a powder that dissolves in water to form a revitalizing energy drink.

G FUEL formulas are a big hit with gamers, fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and body-builders for various reasons. These include a low-sugar formula and effectiveness in delivering energy perks for nearly 6 hours.

This energy drink formula comes in an exciting variety of flavors, and it can be somewhat confusing to pick favorites.

To save you from this trouble, here is a quick review of our favorites from G FUEL’s extensive range of flavors. Read further to find out which ones are the stars!

After extensive research, we consider the following seven flavors to be the most loved:

1. Blue Ice Tub

Remember the indulgent blue slush puppies that you adored as a kid? The G FUEL blue ice tub flavor will bring back those memories with its fresh, almost effervescent effect and refreshing taste.

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What we like most about this flavor:

  • Superb taste
  • The refreshing deep blue color is inviting
  • Just the right amount of sweetness

G FUEL blue ice flavor is pleasantly appealing with its deep blue color. And if you are a stickler for sweet treats, it will not disappoint. It’s cool and refreshing taste will remind you of cotton candy.

The odor sets off the slightest hint of alcohol, which is not overpowering, but evident. Despite the sugar content being near zero, it is quite sweet and delicious.

As a formula, blue ice is power-packed with natural anti-oxidants and vitamins that promote high energy levels for long durations. In this way, it works best when you must be alert and focused on energy-intense activities.

When consuming the blue ice flavor, stick with the recommended serving size, or it can leave a strong and unpleasant after-taste.

2. Tropical Rain Tub

Fruit lovers will be delighted with the Tropical Rain flavor from G FUEL. When you first open the tub, you will be hit by the unmistakable scent of tropical fruits like kiwi, raspberry, and blueberry.

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What we like most about this flavor:

  • Refreshingly light
  • Tropical fruit scent
  • Vivid taste of kiwi, raspberry and blueberries
  • Very useful in providing excellent, clean energy

The tropical rain tub is distinct from any other flavor from G FUEL. It is refreshingly light and gives off obvious hints of fresh tropical fruits like blueberries, kiwi, and raspberry. You can compare it to a pleasantly sweet fruit punch.

The only thing missing is the flavor of pineapple. Nonetheless, the intense flavors of other citrus fruits compensate for it.

This G FUEL flavor makes a fresh, summery drink with its original fruit scent and refreshing taste. However, take care to get the measurement right, or the taste will turn out to be too diluted.

3. Rainbow Sherbet Tub

The rainbow sherbet has an interesting flavor that will please any palette. Lemonade lovers especially will love this flavor.

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What we like most about this flavor:

  • Interesting smell
  • Not too sweet
  • Just the right amount of sourness to balance the overall taste
  • Gorgeous, delicious color

At the first whiff, rainbow sherbet G FUEL formula powder smells like sweet and sour candy. It is a pale-yellow powder that transforms into a vibrant orange hue when mixed with water.

You will find it rather entertaining to watch the powder mix with water as it goes through various shades before finally settling into a deep orange color. Once it has been mixed thoroughly, this G FUEL formula smells like lemonade with a subtle hint of orange coming through.

The rainbow sherbet is refreshingly light and has a zesty orange and lemon taste. It is almost like blood orange, but not distinctly so. Nonetheless, you will find it to be light and very appealing.

4. Lemonade Tub

Who doesn’t like lemonade, right?

Lemonade is a fundamental flavor and undeniably a crowd favorite. This fact creates a challenge as G FUEL had to recreate the exact taste for this flavor to be accepted. And they certainly nailed it.

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What we like most about this flavor:

  • Tastes just like lemonade
  • Not too sweet nor too tart
  • Authentic taste that masks the effect of any other ingredients present in it
  • A refreshing drink for regular consumption

When all you want is a glass of refreshing, no-fuss, lemonade, this is the ideal flavor for you.

G FUEL lemonade powder is light yellow, and the smell is barely discernible. Upon mixing the powder with water, the liquid color turns out to be just right, and its aroma is very distinct.

The best thing about this flavor is that it tastes exactly like real lemonade. It isn’t unbearably sweet but delivers just the right balance of sweet and sour that you would love in a perfect glass of lemonade.

Some users complain of some powdery residue towards the end of the drink. But this can be fixed by getting the quantity right in the first place. Or shake the bottle between sips, and this won’t be a problem.

The lemonade flavor from G FUEL is refreshingly light and not a flavor that you will quickly tire of. It delivers a good boost of instant energy without compromising on the taste. So, this is a flavor to stock up on.

5. Strawberry Shortcake Tub

If you love milkshakes, you will love the G FUEL Strawberry shortcake flavor. Here’s a magical formula that works fine with water but tastes fantastic with milk.

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What we love most about this flavor:

  • Can be had with water or milk
  • Almost zero effort to obtain a fantastic milkshake
  • Mixes clear without any residue with milk or water
  • Just sweet enough to keep you going

The strawberry shortcake flavor from G FUEL comes in the form of a (you guessed it!) pink powder that strangely resembles Nesquik. When mixed with water, it thickens into a light pink solution with a subtle, but lovely strawberry flavor.

However, you should mix this powder with milk to unlock its real taste. The color is less with milk, but the feeling is just amazing! It is a real winner.

We recommend using the G FUEL shaker for thorough mixing. Throw in some ice as well, and you will be delighted with the foamy wonder that results and tantalizes your taste buds.

6. Pink Lemonade Tub

Pink lemonade, which is slightly more sour than sweet—that about sums up the taste of G FUEL’s pink lemonade powder. It is a punchy drink with loads of flavor to mask the 150 g of caffeine it contains in each serving.

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What we like most about this flavor:

  • Light, refreshing color
  • Perfectly balanced sweetness
  • The sour punch that makes it taste like real pink lemonade

The authentic taste of pink lemonade is light on the palette. If you love this flavor but also want a useful energy boost from clean ingredients, this G FUEL flavor is the one to pick.

Don’t be fooled by the mild smell of the powder when you first open the tub of G FUEL pink lemonade. This light pink powder will magically transform into an intensely lemony smelling liquid when diluted.

The formula will still have a very light pink color that looks like it is extremely watered down. But the flavor is robust, as you will realize with a single sip.

The pink lemonade flavor is not too sweet. It is, in fact, sourer than sweet, which is great as this makes it just as good as the real thing.

7. Fazeberry Tub

If you have a sweet tooth, the Fazeberry flavor from G FUEL is bound to impress you. It is one of the most delightful flavors from G FUEL and smells and tastes delicious.

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What we like most about this flavor:

  • Its sweet taste
  • Attractive red color
  • Tastes like juice and nothing like an energy drink

G FUEL Fazeberry flavor has a mild strawberry-scented aroma that gets to you as soon as you open the tub or sachet. When added to water, the light pink colored powder takes on a reddish hue.

This is a flavor that you will either love or dislike. Most die-hard fans fall in love with the flavor immediately for its fresh juicy taste and never want to try anything else. On the other hand, those who aren’t keen on the sweet stuff prefer to avoid it altogether.

Now, if you are fond of sweet juices, we think you should try this flavor. The only factor to keep in mind is that you must get the powder-to-water ratio correct, as it may not taste great if it is too watered down or concentrated.

Is G FUEL worth a try?

Now that we have looked at the top-tier flavors from G FUEL, let us move on to the more critical aspect–why pick this brand of energy drink formula in the first place?

G FUEL from Gamma Labs is a clean energy drink that doesn’t carry any nasties that cause unwanted side-effects. Hence, it is an excellent choice for bodybuilders, athletes, and gym and fitness enthusiasts.

The brand claims it is the official drink of esports for the following factors:

  • G FUEL flavors are loaded with natural anti-oxidants derived from different fruit sources.
  • Unlike other energy formulas that are loaded with sugar, G FUEL has no added sugars.
  • Low-calorie count.
  • Results kick in within 15 minutes of consumption and energy lasts for 4 to 6 hours.
  • The proprietary formula improves hydration levels, energy, and focus.

Apart from these factors, we believe more elements add to its appeal. Let’s look at what they are.

  • Easy to prepare: This no-fuss energy drink can be made in minutes. Measure the recommended quantity into the shaker that comes with the tub, shake it till it is fully dissolved, and enjoy!
  • It offers terrific value for money: One tub of G FUEL will give you 40 servings. A single serving provides enough energy for nearly 6 hours. So, it is an effective and lasting solution for your energy needs.
  • No mess and no waste: When the right quantity of formula is used, it completely dissolves into a clear liquid that you can down easily. Forget about messy measurements, dirty residues, and washing up troubles.
  • Natural ingredients: The stimulants in G FUEL like taurine and caffeine are safe for human consumption.

Important Factors to Keep in Mind When Using G FUEL

Although G FUEL is a fantastic energy booster, there are certain factors that will help you get the best use of the formula.

Firstly, stick to the recommended usage limit.

G FUEL contains copious amounts of caffeine, which is what keeps you alert and energetic. Too much of the formula can impede your sleeping patterns and disturb your normal activity levels.

This drink is intended as a pre-workout formula. It will increase your energy and focus levels. But improved performance in any sport or activity will ultimately depend on your skill, endurance, and commitment. Don’t expect the drink to change your outcomes magically.

Due to the ingredients contained in G FUEL, it is not recommended for children below 12 years of age and pregnant women.

Final Verdict

G FUEL is a reliable energy formula that delivers high energy levels, improves concentration and focus. When you follow the recommended dosage and consume it as intended, it yields excellent results.

For the uninitiated, the full range of flavors that G FUEL presents can be intimidating. And each of them tastes entirely different from the rest. This post breaks down some of the best flavors so that you can explore them first. Start with samplings of these flavors, and we are sure you will find a few at least one favorite, if not more. And don’t forget to drop us a comment about which ones make your list.


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