Most Popular Powerade Flavors, Ranked From Worst to Best

Powerade is a drink that you ought to make space for in your gym bag. When you work out and sweat, you tend to lose a lot of electrolytes. This drink is designed to replenish those electrolytes.

best powerade flavors ranked

Specifically, it contains four electrolytes – sodium, calcium, potassium, and magnesium. Take swigs of it before long workouts to ensure you have the stamina to lift some extra weights.

Besides these electrolytes, Powerade also contains a ton of Vitamins, like Vitamin B3, B6, and B12, which are instrumental in keeping the body at its best health.

Powerade drinks are sweetened by high fructose corn syrup. It can be a little concerning to see that besides the sugar it also contains 21g of carbs, but hey, this is a sports drink and if you are going to hit the gym soon after, you shouldn’t worry much about it.

Coming to the flavors, Powerade offers a variety to choose from. Here, we have ranked them based on the taste, in descending order.

7. White Cherry

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This flavor of Powerade is refreshing to look at, almost like a freshly squeezed lemonade. But don’t we all know the age-old adage that looks can indeed be deceptive? You might go for this with the hopes of tasting a juicy cherry. But all you get is a bland, watered-down cherry taste. If you are just getting initiated into the world of Powerade, better to start with a different flavor.

6. Lemon Lime

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Unlike the white cherry, with this flavor, you do get a strong citrus taste. It’s a classic taste, but nothing that would blow your mind. A chilled bottle of this flavor is not a bad choice for hot summer days. Buy it only if you really like the sourness of lime in your drink. However, let’s warn you, it tastes nothing like a freshly-squeezed lemonade. The artificial flavoring is quite apparent.

5. Orange

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While this is not an extraordinary drink, there is little reason to dislike it. It has a subtle orange flavor and a sort of tartness that comes with the orange flavor. Though the bottle says that it contains added sugar, you can hardly taste the sweetness in it. It’s very unlike Tang or Kool-Aid. Having said that, the mellow flavor makes it easy to drink whole bottle bottoms up.

4. Melon

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Right when you open the lid of the bottle, you are hit with a strong melon smell. This can be very appetizing especially after a long and sweaty workout. The taste, in comparison with the smell, is weak. But have no doubt, it is a refreshing drink and has a clear melon taste. However, it is not strong enough, and almost seems watered down. You will like it as long as you keep in mind that the main reason you are drinking it is for the electrolytes.

3. Fruit Punch

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Say fruit punch, and what comes to mind is an excessively sweet Hawaiian punch. This drink is a stark contrast to any of the fruit punch variations that you have tasted. It is super mild, but with the taste of fruit punch intact. It is smooth, and not overwhelmingly sweet. Packed with just 80 calories, and with all the necessary electrolytes, this fruit punch might be the only one you can have guilt-free.

2. Grape

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One of the stronger flavors of Powerade, this one hardly feels like a sports drink. Though not made with fresh grapes, it does manage to have a strong smell of the fruit. You get a sense that you are drinking something fresh. Though in truth, it is just a flavor. The best part is that it doesn’t seem watered down like other flavors, and has an intensity that is just right. With the right balance of flavor and sweetness, this is one of Powerade’s best.

1. Mountain Berry Blast

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This flavor is popularly known simply as the blue drink. Initially called Mountain Blast, Powerade decided to change its name to Mountain Berry Blast – and for the right reason. It has a clear unmistakable flavor of blueberries coming right through every sip. It is as refreshing to taste, as it is to look at. The sweetness is just right, with borderline tartness. This is Powerade’s best tasting drink.

If you are a gym bunny, you probably have found yourself in the grocery store wondering which Powerade flavor to buy. It can be a daunting task, given there are so many to choose from. Our ranking of the seven best Powerade flavors should help you grab your drink without confusion the next time you are at a store. This means more time for those squats and burpees! May the power be with you.

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