Our Definitive Ranking of Zaxby’s Wing Sauce Flavors

Zaxby’s has the perfect solution when you crave delicious Southern-style fried chicken wings. However, everything about a Zaxby’s meal depends on which wing sauce you choose. So, if you are unsure of where to begin, be smart and go with our list.

zaxby's wing sauce flavors ranked

Here are the best Zaxby’s wing sauces worth trying.

7. Teriyaki

Although Teriyaki is the mildest Zaxby’s Wing sauce it is flavorful and sweet. This Asian-inspired dipping sauce has strong flavors of soy, ginger, and garlic. You can also identify the sweetness of honey and the crunch of sesame. It is a good choice if you like Asian flavors but not too great if you prefer strong spicy flavors. Teriyaki is light brown and not very sticky. At 110 calories per serving, it is one of the more calorie-dense sauces from the brand.

6. Sweet and Spicy

With the punchy scent of citrus, ginger, and red chili pepper, Zaxby’s sweet and spicy sauce is a great find. Although it is spicy, this sauce is not overwhelmingly hot. However, it is zesty and packed with delicious flavors. The sweet and spicy profiles are perfectly balanced, making it a yummy side for various dishes. The only downside that the sweet and spicy sauce packs a whopping 140 calories per serving.

5. Original

This fiery-red concoction was the original Buffalo wing sauce at Zaxby’s. Although its bright red color makes it look very spicy, the heat is tolerable. It tastes like a mix of tabasco and tomato sauce. This sauce is a good choice if you prefer something spicy that even children can eat. At 60 calories per serving, it isn’t too indulgent.

4. Hot Honey Mustard

With 180 calories per serving, the hot honey mustard is the heaviest Zaxby’s wing sauce. But it would be a shame to avoid it for this reason. The hot honey mustard has more heat than honey. The honey barely cuts through the strong heat. There is no mistaking the flavor of mustard. It creates an explosion of heat in the mouth. But if you like the peppery sharpness of strong mustard, it is worth trying.

3. Tongue Torch

Although the name can make you dread the heat of this sauce, it is palatable. This low-calorie Zaxby’s sauce is rich and has a spicy kick to it. It is acidic with a strong vinegary flavor. The sauce will make your taste buds dance. However, it is not too spicy. The thick and sticky texture forms a good coating for meat or anything that you pair the sauce with.

2. Insane

Topping the chart in terms of heat is Zaxby’s Insane sauce.  It is guaranteed to blow your sinuses and have you reaching out for a bottle of water. If you are not new to hot sauces, you should be able to taste the complex flavors beneath the heat. There are peppery notes of oregano and habanero peppers. At just 35 calories per serving, the assault on the tastebuds is all that you need to worry about.

1. Wimpy

With just a hint of heat, Wimpy with its exciting flavor blend is a crowd favorite. The entire family will enjoy the blend of garlic, butter, and vinegar in it. The cayenne is barely discernible. It is a rich sauce that delivers great satisfaction. Overall, it is a safe bet that will appeal to almost anyone. From insanely hot to sticky sweet gooey goodness, Zaxby’s has an exciting range of sauces to suit any palette. We hope this list helps you to explore these options to find one that makes your meal more indulgent and interesting.

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