The Best Canned Salmon to Buy at the Grocery Store in 2024

There is no limit to the magic that you can create with one can of salmon, in your kitchen. Thick and creamy salmon chowder, crispy salmon cakes, soft salmon meatballs, a fresh bowl of salmon salad… the list is endless. You can never have enough canned salmon stocked in your pantry.

Add it to your plate, guiltfree

Salmon is packed with all the good stuff that your body needs. No doctor has ever said no to fish oil capsules. Why? Because it is filled with Omega-3 Fatty Acids. These keep your blood pressure in control and help your arteries function well. Besides Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Healthline mentions that there is a truckload of other nutrients in salmon, such as proteins, calcium, antioxidants, vitamin B, Potassium, and Selenium!

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Won’t fresh fish be better than canned?

Not really. Compare the nutritional value of both, and there is hardly a difference — this comes straight from a study done by the US Department of Agriculture. That should lay all your apprehension to buy a can of salmon to rest.

A lot of precaution is taken to ensure that the fish stays fresh inside the can. For example, the seafood company Bumble Bee explains the entire process on its website, and from what we read, it seems pretty thorough. The salmon is machine cleaned, cut, and filled into cans, with only a salt tablet to accompany the raw fish. The cans are vacuum sealed and sterilized.

Is wild-caught salmon better than farmed salmon?

Most definitely! Wild-caught salmon or Alaskan salmon has more Omega-3 Fatty Acids and potassium, and fewer calories, than the same amount of farmed variety. Further, farmed salmon may have trace amounts of Polychlorinated biphenyls that are found in materials such as plastic, and can be harmful to your body. So, if you are a salmon fan, look for the word ‘wild’ or ‘Alaska’ on the cans.

Should you get canned salmon with bones or without?

Nutritionally speaking, salmon with bones is richer in calcium, than ones with bones removed. The presence of bones, to be honest, doesn’t make a big difference. You can hardly feel it between your teeth when you are gorging down your salmon patties.

Wait, is my salmon sustainably harvested?

This is a very important question to ask. If more fish is caught at a faster rate than the time taken for them to replenish, it would hurt their population. This in turn can affect biodiversity and our planet Earth. So in short, look for some indication on the can that states that the fish that’s in it has been sustainably sourced.

Top 7 Best Canned Salmon Brands to Buy in 2024

With that quick introduction to the world of salmons, let’s dive into finding the best fit for you. We have listed the seven most popular canned salmon brands in the market today in descending order. Read on to find which one you would like to use in your burger.

7. Redhead Wild Sockeye Salmon by Pure Alaska Salmon Co.

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This product stands apart from the rest in this list because this is a can of Sockeye salmon and not the more common pink salmon. Sockeye salmon is reddish-orange in color and is more flavorful than pink salmon. You will find some bones and skin on this salmon. They ensure high nutrition. The bones are chewy and full of calcium. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice into it, and your salmon is ready to be devoured straight out of the can. It is sustainably sourced from Alaskan waters and has an impressive amount of fat and protein. The downside is it has a high amount of sodium.

6. Trader Joe’s Alaskan Wild Pink Salmon

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For those who are trying to keep salt to a minimum in their diet, Trader Joe’s canned wild salmon comes as a blessing. It does not have any added salt. This is a convenient option for those who do not prefer bones or skin on their salmon. It is completely drained and could be added straight away to your dishes, with zero prep work. Needless to say, it makes delicious patties. The can, though convenient to carry around and the store doesn’t mention if it is BPA-free. And that leaves us a little concerned.

5. Bumble Bee Premium Wild Pink Salmon

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This is as wild as the pink salmon can get. With the number of bones and skin that you see in the can, it seems like the salmon was processed only to a minimum. This is definitely not for those who like their salmon boneless. This low-calorie product is salted and can be eaten right off the can. The only downside, it comes relatively large, unlike the small portable-sized ones that the other brands have as an option.

4. Chicken of the Sea Premium Skinless & Boneless Pink Salmon

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This could easily be your alternative to a protein bar. Chicken of the Sea’s pink salmon comes in pretty 2.5 oz pink pouches, which can be carried around in your coat pockets. Each pouch is filled with skinless and boneless pink salmon mixed in vegetable broth and salt – all ready to be emptied into your mouth. It’s low in calories and rich in omega-3. It has no preservatives and is certified sustainable. However, this is not an option for those allergic to soy.

3. Starkist Wild Caught Skinless & Boneless Pink Salmon

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StarKist’s canned pink salmon is the best to whip up some salmon bites for an appetizer. What you can expect from this product are chunks of salmon stored in water. You will have to drain the water before you use the salmon which is skinless and boneless. An excellent source of protein and omega-3 fatty acids, this can be included in your diet as croquettes, cakes, stews, and so on. Aim for the stars, with this one.

2. Wild Planet Wild Pink Salmon, Skinless & Boneless

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Wild Planet’s canned Alaskan salmon is sustainably sourced. In fact, they are sourced from local fishing families in Alaska, who lay utmost importance to preserving the population of fish that contributes to their livelihood. The canned salmon is boneless and skinless, and gluten-free. Besides salt, there are no preservatives. The can doesn’t have to be drained before use.

1. Kirkland Signature Wild Alaskan Pink Salmon

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Kirkland’s canned pink salmon ranks at the top of our list because of its above-par quality. The salmon tastes fresh and has a mild taste. It is the best pick for those who do not like the ‘fishy’ smell that could be a little overwhelming at times. The salmon is added with just enough salt to make it a great addition to salads or stews straight off the can. These offer 700mg of Omega 3s per 2 oz. The boneless and skinless salmon comes in 6 oz portable cans.

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