We Tried 10 Faygo Flavors and Ranked Them (2024)

Faygo’s soda pop is a refreshing summer treat. Who doesn’t like a sweet fizzy soda on a blistering summer day? Faygo knew this way back in 1907, when they established the brand with just three flavors, in Michigan, USA. Today they have as many as 50 flavors including the hugely popular Cotton Candy, Red Pop, and Rock N’ Rye.

best faygo flavors ranked

Faygo soda pops are sugary and fizzy, with a sizable amount of sodium. They also have options of diet soda pops for a few flavors that have zero sugar. But ultimately, in Faygo, which is in no way a health drink, all that people look for is some exciting taste and cheer to define their sultry summer.

So we have compiled the top 10 flavors of the brand according to taste, in descending order. This list includes the classic ones such as vanilla creme soda and pineapple, to the more uncommon grape, peach, and blueberry raspberry; and the rare ones like Cotton Candy, Rock N’ Rye, and more. What is your kind of pop? Read on to discover.

10. Peach

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Faygo peach soda is a drink that tries too hard to taste like peach, but unfortunately, doesn’t make it there. When you take a swig, what you taste is not the succulent fruit you get from your farmer’s market, but sort of a preserved and candied peach. If you are particular about a garden-fresh taste, this might work for you. Also, it makes for a nice float with a scoop of ice cream.

9. Pineapple

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Faygo’s pineapple soda does full justice to the name. The drink is incredibly close to the taste of a ripe pineapple that’s ready to harvest. It has the sweetness and tartness spot on. The drink smells like pineapple and is pineapple-yellow colored. Needless to say, it’s all that you need for a tropical state of mind. But here’s the thing – if you are not a pineapple fan, there’s nothing in it for you.

8. Cola

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For those who are Coca-Cola loyalists, and feel strange washing down their pizza with any other drink, Faygo’s Cola flavor can be a safe option. It tastes exactly like Cola; in fact so much so that a blind taste test can have you confuse one for the other. It has strikingly similar carbonation, sugar, that unique vanilla flavor, and even the aftertaste of a Coke. It’s a great drink, but there is nothing new to learn here if you are a Coke drinker. Also, it has a small amount of caffeine.

7. Vanilla Creme Soda

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How could something that looks so clear taste so creamy? We bet you pondered on that just like us. This drink is a classic that tastes like a very sweet vanilla ice cream. The only reason why you don’t put down the drink saying its sickly sweet is because of the extreme carbonation that allows you to start over, with every sip. There is no strong lingering aftertaste either. It’s an ordinary drink… you might or might not crave more.

6. Grape Soda

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Why Faygo’s grape soda is worth all the praise is the fact that grape flavors are not that common in drinks. And most grape-flavored drinks taste like medicine (some taste legit like Nyquil). But not Faygo’s grape soda. It’s sweeter and tastes nothing like the actual fruit… but despite that, there is something about the drink that makes you want to have another sip knowing all well that it is artificially flavored.

5. Moon Mist

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This drink tastes so much like Mountain Dew, 7-Up, Mello Yello… the whole cohort of citrusy drinks that you associate with summer, beach, and sand, that we are this close to saying that it might be a rip-off. Moon Mist is a highly refreshing drink, it has a sweet and citrusy flavor that will help you handle the sultriest of days. This naturally flavored drink has less caffeine than Mountain Dew if that helps you make the decision between the two.

4. Raspberry Blueberry

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This is a refreshing combination of sweet and tart, which will remind you of a berry-flavored candy more than the berries themselves. If you have ever had that blue raspberry slushie as a kid, you know what we are talking about. This drink is uncannily close to that childhood frozen drink – just that it has a lot of fizzes. A big positive is that it doesn’t taste as sweet as the other flavors.

3. Redpop

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Finally, a flavor that tastes like it’s made for adults. It is strawberry-flavored, with a hint of citrus and vanilla. It is definitely sweet, but not annoyingly so. In fact, this drink has a great balance between the sugar, the tartness of strawberries, and the fizz of the soda. It is one of the most popular flavors of the brand since the year it launched. Take a sip, and you’ll know why.

2. Rock and Rye

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It’s hard to put a finger on what this drink tastes like. It’s a cooler version of vanilla cream soda, with a hint of strawberry, Cola, or is it cherry? And nope, neither the website nor the ingredients list at the back of the bottle is helpful. Anyway, the mix of tastes crafted using artificial flavors is what makes this drink so interesting. The unique taste is the reason the drink, launched during the Prohibition era in the 1920s, is still much sought after.

1. Cotton Candy

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Take a sip, it’s a guarantee that this drink will bring out the Cotton Candy-loving child in you. It does absolute justice to the flavor that it set out to emulate. Right from the color, to the smell and taste, it shouts cotton candy. This might be your best bet if you want to relive your childhood, only this time there is no one saying you can’t have more than one soda.

To conclude, Faygo’s soda pops are your best summer refuge. Sugary and fizzy, it is what you would want to come home to after a muggy day. Stock a variety of flavors in your fridge, and serve them chilled as a midday pick-me-up. While Faygo’s best-rated Cotton Candy soda pop makes you feel like a kid in a carnival, the Rock and Rye soda pop leaves you with a burst of flavors in your mouth. And these are just two out of a band of flavors we have carefully taste-tested and listed out to help you figure out your best pick.

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