The 10 Best Reign Total Body Fuel Flavors Ranked (2023)

There are a plethora of energy drinks out there. But most are dense in sugar and calories. Not Reign Total Body Fuel though. It has zero sugar, negligible calories, and nil fat. This makes it a preferred option for gym rats who could use an energy boost to meet their weekly workout target without taking in additional calories.

What does it contain?

  • Like any other energy drink, Reign Total Body Fuel is loaded with caffeine. Each can contains 300 mg of caffeine. This is enough and more to give you a quick energy boost before your workout. The caffeine included in the drink is extracted from coffee beans and tea leaves and is natural.
  • It includes Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAAs. Specifically, it includes three types of amino acids: Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine. They help provide sustained energy during long workouts.
  • The drink also contains CoQ10. The name might seem a little complicated, but what it basically refers to are the naturally occurring antioxidants in the body that support the growth of cells. Having this as an ingredient in the drink lowers damage to muscles.
  • They contain electrolytes (minerals such as Sodium, Potassium, and Calcium)  that help keep the body hydrated even as you sweat during workouts and vitamins (B3, B6, and B12) that reduce fatigue in the body.
  • The drink doesn’t contain any sugar but instead uses sucralose, an artificial sweetener. Since it doesn’t have sugar in it, you don’t experience the crash a few hours after drinking it – as is the case with many other energy drinks.
best reign energy drink flavors ranked

How does Reign compare to other brands?

Reign is Monster Beverages’ newest brand designed specifically to suit one’s active lifestyle. There is an explosive number of energy drinks out there in the market today. But what places Reign as a tough competitor is its select ingredients.

For example, it has a larger amount of Vitamins B3, B6, and B12 in a can than its competitor Bang. Reign has zero calories, and in comparison, its competitor Rockstar Energy+Punch has 130 calories in a can.

Reign has more caffeine than other brands such as Rockstar, Kill Cliff, or Red Bull. While brands such as Red Bull, Monster, and Rockstar have added sugars, Reign has zero.

Reign Total Body Fuel is a carbonated drink that is available in several flavors including the ice cream-tasting Orange Dreamsicle, cotton candy tasting Carnival Candy, sweet Melon Mania, sweet and tart Razzle Berry and Lemon HDZ, Sour Apple, Peach Fizz, and Strawberry Lime. Whether you prefer mild or strong, sweet or sour, Reign has a flavor for you.

The Current Lineup:

  1. Carnival Candy
  2. Cherry Limeade
  3. Jalapeno Strawberry
  4. Lemon Hdz
  5. Lilikoi Lychee
  6. Mang-O-Matic
  7. Melon Mania
  8. Orange Dreamsicle
  9. Peach Fizz
  10. Razzle Berry
  11. Red Dragon
  12. Sour Apple
  13. Strawberry Sublime
  14. True Blu
  15. Watermelon Warlord
  16. White Gummy Bear

What does each flavor taste like? Does strawberry lime taste like strawberries, and melon mania like melon? It’s hard to play a guessing game, especially if you are buying a whole cart of 12 cans online (which, by the way, is the most economical way to buy it). Reading this below review is the second best thing to trying a can of each flavor at a gas station, and then deciding for yourself which one to stock up on as your midday pick-me-ups.

Best Reign Flavors – Our Top Ten Recommendations

Below we have ranked the 10 best flavors of the energy drink, based on their taste and popularity among the consumers.

1. Orange Dreamsicle

If orange creamsicle ice cream was your childhood favorite, look no further, this is the flavor that you need.

orange dreamsicle
  • Uses zero sugar, artificial flavors, or colors
  • The orange and vanilla flavor comes through well
  • Has a strong ice cream flavor
  • Has a delicious and refreshing taste
  • Gluten-free
  • The ingredients include BCAAs, CoQ10, and electrolytes
  • Can be a bit too sweet
  • The flavor can be a tad too strong for some

If you are a fitness freak but also an ice cream fanatic, there are few energy drinks out there that can satisfy your needs. How do you keep the energy level up without taking in calories? That’s where the very sweet (can be a little overly sweet for some) orange dreamsicle flavor of Reign comes in. This drink truly tastes like a melted orange creamsicle. It is a combo of citrus orange and vanilla.

It’s carbonated and comes with a ton of caffeine, 300 mg per can to be accurate. This is a lot, compared to other drinks such as, say a Red Bull, which contains only 111g.

What this means is that just one can of the drink gives you the energy boost that you need before starting your workout, and keep you awake for a long time.

There is a reason this flavor is the most popular among Reign Total Body Fuel flavors. It is sweet and very flavorful, for an energy drink. You might as well be drinking orange-vanilla soda, except this one is packed with amino acids, antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins.

Overall Rating: 9.7/10 (Excellent)

2. White Gummy Bear

white gummy bear
  • The can has a comfortable feel and a good grip
  • If you like pineapple, you’ll probably like this flavor
  • Gives me the boost I need to get through my busy day
  • It’s not too tangy, not too sour
  • The aftertaste is unusual
  • A little difficult to find in stores

The White Gummy Bear flavor is my favorite because it reminds me of those gummy bears we used to eat when we were kids! This particular drink has a subtle taste of pear which adds some sweetness without being overpowering.

My favorite part about the flavor is that it didn’t taste like any other energy drink I’ve ever tried before. Usually, when you try something new, there are elements of it that remind you of another drink, but this one was completely unique.

The flavor is so strong, in the best way. I love how strong it tastes!

I also like that this drink is sugar-free—I hate that my favorite drinks are packed with sugar. I’m so glad I discovered this drink!

Overall Rating: 9.3/10 (Excellent)

3. Melon Mania

This flavor of Reign Total Body Fuel tastes less like an energy drink and more like a playful holiday fruit punch.

melon mania
  • Tastes like fresh fruit punch
  • Contains 300 mg of natural caffeine
  • It is sweet but with no added sugars
  • Gluten-free
  • Contains no fats
  • Includes BCAAs, CoQ10, and electrolytes
  • Some find a strong aftertaste to it

This is for those who like a strong fruity drink. It is sweet and very flavorsome. So much that you might even forget that you are gulping down an insane amount of caffeine.

But if you are conscious of limiting the amount you drink at a time, and also make sure that children do not confuse it with their regular soda, this is a charming drink to stock in your fridge, especially if you are a gym bunny.

It tastes like a holiday punch. But it has all the ingredients to sustain you through a vigorous workout. Like in any other Reign’s drink, this one is also packed with Vitamin B3 which’s good for lowering cholesterol and easing arthritis, Vitamin B12 that helps prevent anemia, besides other minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids that are necessary to keep up the energy of your body.

While it does taste like fruit, unfortunately, it is not made of real fruit juice. It is made of natural flavors instead.

Overall Rating: 8.6/10 (Very Good)

4. Sour Apple

sour apple
  • Just adequately sweet
  • The sour and sweet flavors balance each other
  • It is free of sugar and gluten
  • Contains 300 mg of natural caffeine
  • The flavor can be a tad too strong for some

Remember the sour apple gummies that you binged on as a kid? Or maybe you still do. This drink has that exact flavor but in liquid form.

Sweet meets sour in this flavor of Reign Total Body Fuel. With a balance of the two flavors, this drink has a playful note to it and is best to drive away from the blues during a Monday morning workout.

Most importantly, for those who find some of the other flavors of the brand overly sweet, this could be a good option. There is no real fruit juice added. It tastes more like a candy made out of Granny Smith green apple-like the Jolly Rancher green apple hard candy.

Despite the fact that it has a lot of caffeine and amino acids packed in it, the drink tastes light and smooth, like a candied fruit soda. It smells like one too. This is a great alternative to plain coffee, especially for those who do not like the coffee flavor (or the stains) but want to keep the energy level high throughout the day.

Overall Rating: 8.4/10 (Very Good)

5. Razzle Berry

razzle berry
  • Has a sweet and tart flavor
  • The flavor is not overwhelmingly sweet
  • It is mild and refreshing
  • Gluten-free
  • Tastes like berries
  • The flavor can be very mild for some

The drink, as the name hints, is a dazzling combination of raspberry and blueberry flavors.

The melon and orange flavors can get a little bit too sweet for those who do not have a sweet tooth. The Razzle Berry flavor mixes the sweetness of the blueberries and the tartness of the raspberries to give a unique taste that is far from any other flavor. Yes, the drink is fairly sweet, but not overwhelmingly so. In fact, the flavor, in comparison with the orange and melon flavors, is mild and lacks a punch of fruit flavors.

Having said that, it is quite refreshing and is more likely to be preferred by those who like a balance in flavors, and not have sweetness as the dominant taste in their drink. The Razzle Berry does not contain real fruit but is made with natural flavors.

The drink uses potassium sorbate as a preservative, which is certified safe to use by the Food and Drug Administration. The drink is also packed with electrolytes that maintain hydration in your body.

Overall Rating: 7.9/10 (Good)

6. Red Dragon

red dragon
  • Vitamin B induced energy
  • No lingering chemical taste
  • It’s a very fruity flavor
  • A great pre-workout drink
  • It could be a little less sweet

I love Reign Inferno drinks! I’ve tried all of the flavors and they are all good in their own way but Red Dragon is my favorite by far. It smells delicious before you even open it – like a fruit punch.

I’m glad that there are only 10 calories per can because I don’t want to take in the extra calories when I workout or just need a little afternoon pick-me-up.

In addition to the great taste, I’ve also enjoyed the fact that this product doesn’t have a “chemical” aftertaste like some other products on the market.

I feel as energetic as if I consumed a can of Red Bull or Rockstar, but without all the sugar.

Overall Rating: 7.5/10 (Good)

7. Lilikoi Lychee

lilikoi lychee
  • Sugar-free
  • Cool taste for an energy drink
  • No unpleasant after taste
  • BCAAs and caffeine-rich drink
  • Tastes a bit synthetic
  • Not everyone will like the taste

Lilikoi is passionfruit in Hawaiian, so when I saw that Reign had come out with a new flavor, Lilikoi Lychee (aka Passionfruit Lychee), I couldn’t say no to checking it out.

Reign Lilikoi Lychee has a tropical taste that’s great for those who love exotic flavors. Sweet and tart at the same time. A little too sweet for me personally, but there’s still some tartness to balance things out.

Lilikoi Lychee provides a long-lasting boost of energy with no crash or jitters. It’s very light and refreshing and has a great taste.

Overall Rating: 7.2/10 (Good)

8. Peach Fizz

peach fizz
  • It is sweet and citrusy
  • Very smooth to drink
  • Quite refreshing
  • Tastes like an explosion of peach candies in the mouth
  • Carbonation is to the point
  • Leaves no bad aftertaste
  • Has an artificial peach flavor that some might not prefer

This smooth refreshing drink tastes like liquid peach ring candies in a can.

This drink, though it is peach flavored, doesn’t taste like natural peach juice, simply because they don’t make the drink with natural fruit. However, it is naturally flavored. For those who prefer all things sweet, this is a clear win, because it tastes like liquid Peach Rings in your mouth.

Despite the sweet taste, it comes as a blessing that it has zero sugar in it. Thanks to sucralose, the artificial sweetener. Sometimes, the addition of artificial sugar leaves a gross aftertaste in your mouth, but thankfully, this drink balances the flavors well enough to avoid that.

It’s not just peach, you also get hints of citrus flavor in it. The sweetness and strength of flavor are not overwhelming, it’s smooth and easy to drink. The only downside is probably that the taste is far from the real fruit, and that gives you the feeling that you are consuming something processed.

Overall Rating: 6.7/10 (Above Average)

9. Lemon HDZ

lemon hdz
  • Has a strong lemony flavor
  • It is sweet and tart
  • It tastes like lemon candy
  • Has no sugar or gluten
  • Is packed with more caffeine than most other brands
  • Those who expect a clean lemonade taste will be disappointed

This clear carbonated drink tastes like a sweet and tart lemon candy.

This drink has a sharp lemon flavor. But it doesn’t necessarily taste like pure lemonade. It tastes more like lemon candy and is sweeter than other lemon-flavored energy drinks.

It has a tartness to it and leaves an aftertaste that is very similar to what you would get after sucking on a lemon-flavored candy.

The taste is a unique twist to the more common lemon flavor, and it is a top option for those who like their drink extra sweet. Having said that, the lemon flavor is something that most people agree on, given its refreshing taste that’s a classic must-have in any energy drink.

Compared to most lemon-flavored drinks by other brands, this is sweeter and has more caffeine. Unlike other brands, this is made with natural flavors.

Overall Rating: 6.5/10 (Above Average)

10. Strawberry Sublime

strawberry sublime
  • Medium to high carbonation
  • It is borderline sweet
  • Has strawberry and lime flavors in it
  • Has zero sugar and zero fat
  • The mix of strawberry and lime gives it a unique taste
  • The strawberry flavor doesn’t come through much

This flavor by Reign packs a punch with a combination of strawberry, guava, and lime.

With a name like that, you would expect some strong strawberry taste coming through. But surprisingly, though it packs a punch, with its fizz and sweetness, the flavor of the strawberry is only medium-strong.

And it is not just a pure strawberry flavor, but you do get hints of lime and guava. This drink is for someone who likes their drinks sweet and citrusy.

Strawberry as a fruit has a subtle flavor, and the drink does its best to bring forth that. Probably because the fruit flavor is mild, the carbonation seems a tad too high.

The drink can wake you up with a jolt and is a pleasant one to carry around, especially during summer. The flavors come through best when it is consumed cold.

Overall Rating: 6.1/10 (Above Average)


Reign’s Total Body Fuel is engineered in a way that despite the heavy amount of caffeine and amino acids that go into each can, they surprisingly taste like a summer soda drink. It is not an easy task to mask the flavors of the minerals, electrolytes, and loaded caffeine. The fact that Reign does that to perfection, is something that deserves our respect.

All the flavors that Reign has under its umbrella are extremely smooth and fruit-inspired. Some of them such as the orange dreamsicle, melon mania, and strawberry sublime are for those with a sweet tooth, and then there are the sour apple and peach fizz flavors that are for those who like a combination of sweet and sour. The classic lemon hdz is for the lemon heads.

All the drinks are designed to help you keep your energy levels up and hit that target at your workout sessions. Packed with a heavy 300 mg of caffeine in each pack, you are guaranteed to have your concentration at the peak, after a gulp or two of this.

Apart from that, each can comes with all that you need for your post-work-out replenishment – whether it is the required electrolytes to restore the water balance, or the essential vitamins to reduce fatigue. Be it the amino acids or antioxidants, the drinks have it all.

Reign’s drinks are a great accompaniment to your gym regimen, and the fact that the brand offers a range of flavors to suit your taste is a bonus. We hope the review helped you decide on the flavor that’s best for you.

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