7 Best Sparkling Water Makers to Buy in 2024 (Recommended)

Fizz and flavor make sparkling water more exciting than still water. However, there are two main problems when you buy sparkling water to quench your thirst: the cost adds up quickly and you end up with a lot of unnecessary bottles.

Now, couldn’t you solve both these problems by making your very own sparkling water?

best sparkling water makers

Fortunately, you can! Sparkling water makers are kitchen appliances that allow you to make sparkling water at home. With these clever devices, you can control what goes into each drink and avoid the sugar and artificial flavors in store-bought sparkling water. It is a win-win situation!

Check out our top recommendations of the best sparkling water makers to find one that works best for you.

7. Wild and Kind Sparkling Water Maker

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Although Wild and Kind sparkling water maker is new to the market, it has a promising list of features. Firstly, the sleek and smart design looks great. This device does not need any electricity or battery.

Wild and Kind sparkling water makers are available in black, white, red, and wood color.  With these different color options, it is easy to find one that matches your décor. You also get three BPA-free bottles to use with the device.

With this device, you get to choose the carbonation level. Customize the fizz to light, medium, or heavy according to your requirement.

6. AirSoda Sparkling Water Maker

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If you are looking for an inexpensive soda maker, AirSoda Carbonator is a good choice. It is sturdy, well-built, and good-looking. Although it is not very compact, it will fit into a corner of your kitchen.

The AirSoda carbonator comes in only one color. Nevertheless, this greyish-blue color is stylish and unique.

The biggest advantage of this brand is that it is very easy to operate. Your sparkling water will be ready with just a few slight pushes on the cylinder. There is no need for electricity or battery power to operate your sparkling water maker.

The AirSoda carbonator does not come with an in-built cylinder and you would have to buy it separately. Nonetheless, it works with standard soda maker cylinders.

5. Drinkpod’s FizzPod Sparkling Water Maker

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FIZZPod soda maker is the perfect choice if you like to experiment with your drinks. While traditional brands will only work with water, you can use the FIZZPod soda maker with any beverage. You can use it to make delicious flavored juices, smoothies, and fruit-infused water, or even add life to flat beer.

This sparkling water maker is good value for money. It is easy to operate and produces a lot of fizz with just a few pushes. It could in fact produce too much fizz if you operate like other soda makers. So, it is a good idea to apply light pressure and let the bubbles settle before you remove the bottle.

One concerning aspect is that the internal pin mechanism is made of plastic and may give way if your CO2 canister is too full or you apply too much pressure.

This soda maker is different from most models since the carbonator is separate from the main unit. The CO2 cylinder is not included with the device and you will have to buy it separately. Overall, the device does not look as fancy as many of the other brands out there. Nonetheless, it does the job well.

4. Spärkel Beverage System Sparkling Water Maker

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The best thing about the Sparkel Beverage system is that it does not need CO2 cartridges like most sparkling water makers. You simply pour the contents of their carbonation packages into a chamber and it generates the Carbon dioxide you need for your drink.

The Sparkel beverage system looks very fancy with all its buttons and lighting. However, it is as functional as it is beautiful. The buttons will save you all the guesswork of getting the carbonation you desire. You have options from 1 to 5 for different levels of carbonation, from light fizzy to strong fizz. It also has a fruit infusion option that is perfect for infusing water with real ingredients like fruit, citrus, cucumbers, or herbs.

The device operates on power and you will need access to a power outlet to use it.

3. DrinkMate Sparkling Water Maker

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DrinkMate is a minimalist soda maker. It comes in three elegant matte colors: black, ivory, and red which will jazz up the look of your kitchen. It is sleek and has a very small footprint, so it does not clutter up your space. You can use this sparkling water maker with any beverage of your choice, not just water.

DrinkMate works on manual power and does not need a battery or electric power for operation. This soda maker does not come with a CO2 cylinder. You will have to buy it separately. The cylinder fits neatly into the back of the device and remains concealed from view.

The DrinkMate has two release buttons that will allow you to control the level of carbonation. So, it is a compact and very versatile device. However, the bottles are not dishwasher safe.

2. Aarke Carbonator II Premium Sparkling Water Maker

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Aarke Carbonator II is as exciting as its name. This sparkling water maker is a conversation starter, with its solid build and futuristic design. It comes in four attractive colors—black, brass, stainless steel, and white. All are equally gorgeous and add extra sophistication to your kitchen décor.

The solid, metallic parts make it very easy to operate the device. The long side-mounted handle makes it easy to carbonate your drink. Although it is pricier than most sparkling water makers, the robust design and ease of operation make it worthwhile. There is a learning curve to getting the pressure right for different amounts of fizz. Nonetheless, it does not take too long to figure out.

The only drawback of the Aarke II is that it comes with plastic bottles. For something that is so good-looking, we would have liked it if it came with glass bottles.

1. SodaStream Fizzi Sparkling Water Maker

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SodaStream has always been a popular choice among customers. The Fizzi sparkling water maker is a recent variation of the brand’s original soda maker.

It comes in four colors—White, Art, Black, and Icy blue. This sparkling water maker is a good choice if you like strong carbonation in your water. With a few mild pushes, it produces big fizzy bubbles. However, if you prefer moderate or light fizz, you can achieve it too. The consistency of the results makes this device very desirable.

Another great point is that the Fizzi sparkling water maker is sleek and does not clutter the counter.  It is easy to clean and needs minimum care. However, this device works only with water and no other beverages. Another drawback is that it needs electric power.

To wrap it up…

Indulging in sparkling water becomes a lot easier when you have a sparkling water maker at home. This simple device will go a long way in helping you keep up with your hydration levels and do your bit for the environment.

Exercise your creativity and discover your favorite flavors from the convenience of your home with a sparkling water maker. So, which of the devices on our list will you be opting for?

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