Top 5 Best Store-Bought Hollandaise Sauce Brands 2024

What makes poached salmon, eggs benedict, and steamed vegetables extra delicious? Hollandaise sauce, of course!

This creamy, smooth, eggy sauce with a hint of lemony goodness is one of the five French mother sauces. With its pale yellow color and buttery texture, it forms a lavish and delicious accompaniment for various dishes. It has the power to elevate any dish with its unique flavor and addictive taste.

Hollandaise sauce is not too difficult to prepare. However, you will need several ingredients and some time to spare. Save yourself the trouble of cooking it by choosing a store-bought bottled or hollandaise sauce mix. When you go with a good brand, you will not even know that it is a ready-made sauce.

Here are our top recommendations for the best store-bought Hollandaise sauce.

5. Reese Hollandaise Sauce

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Reese Hollandaise sauce may not be the most flavorful sauce available. However, it is decent enough. This sauce has a strong lemony flavor. The texture is very thick, almost like marshmallow fluff. It becomes easier to serve once you heat the contents of the jar.

This sauce works well with asparagus, steamed vegetables, eggs, and various other dishes. However, it lacks the buttery and rich creaminess of homemade Hollandaise sauce. Nevertheless, it is a good option for the price.

4. Concord Foods, Hollandaise Sauce Mix

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Unlike most of the other sauce mixes in the market, you do not need too many additional ingredients to prepare Concord Foods Hollandaise sauce. You can whip it up almost instantly by simply adding the specified quantity of water to the mix.

The sauce is nice and creamy. It is also reasonably priced. You can always enhance the taste with a dash of seasoning, some herbs, or a stick of butter. But it is not required. It tastes good with vegetables, meat, or eggs as it is.

3. Maille Hollandaise Sauce

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Maille Hollandaise sauce is sourer than you would expect. The flavor and tartness of the lemon are pronounced and not subtle as in the traditional recipe. Hence, you may not like it if you prefer just a hint of citrus. Nonetheless, this Hollandaise sauce has a luscious and creamy texture. The buttery taste works well with vegetables.

Another good thing about Maille Hollandaise sauce is that there is no preparation involved. You can just stir the contents of the jar and serve it. It does not need any heating, though you can heat it if you prefer it warm. Once opened, you should refrigerate the leftover content to avoid spoilage. It keeps in the refrigerator for a few days without losing its creamy texture.

2. McCormick Hollandaise Sauce Mix

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Mc Cormick Hollandaise sauce mix yields sauce that is almost as good as a fresh sauce. It is also incredibly easy to prepare. All you should do is mix the contents of the pack with water and a stick of butter and heat it. It may seem too watery and thin at first. However, the sauce will quickly thicken and achieve the right consistency.

At times, you may notice a powdery residue at the base. It happens when you don’t mix the contents properly. Except for this issue, it is a good sauce mix. The taste is authentic, rich, and creamy. It has just a hint of lemon flavor and is adequately salted. There is no unpleasant aftertaste. However, McCormick hollandaise sauce mix is pricey compared to other ready-to-prepare sauce mixes. Additionally, you will need butter to make the sauce to make it taste good.

1. Knorr Hollandaise Sauce Mix

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You will need butter and milk to prepare Hollandaise sauce using the Knorr Hollandaise sauce mix. Although these additional ingredients make it Knorr hollandaise sauce is as good as Hollandaise sauce you find in top-quality restaurants. It tastes amazing with eggs, vegetables, and poultry and is rich, creamy, and buttery.

A good thing about the Knorr Hollandaise sauce mix is that you can play around with the ratio of water and milk to achieve the consistency you like. The sauce is ready in a few minutes and remains fresh and buttery even after it cools down. It doesn’t taste artificial and you can even enhance the flavors by adding a dash of lemon or herbs. Simple, comforting, and a good energy and time saver!

Final note…

Although Hollandaise sauce is a simple sauce to make, it takes some level of expertise to get right. When you don’t have the time to cook and prefer an easy fix, store-bought Hollandaise sauce is the best choice.

The different options we mentioned here are either ready-to-serve or involve minimum cooking. You can prepare it even as you get on with the rest of the meal. Make your life a lot easier with these options and don’t forget to drop us a note about which one you like most.

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