5 Best Van Leeuwen Ice Cream Flavors (according to Me!)

Van Leeuwen ice cream is my favorite ice cream by a long shot. I’m not the only one who thinks so. I’m a huge fan of the brand and their pints are always stocked in my freezer.

Since they were founded in 2008, Van Leeuwen has expanded from a single truck selling scoops of homemade ice cream to a fleet of trucks and storefronts in New York City, Los Angeles, and many other regions.

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Van Leeuwen’s ice creams are made from fresh, pure, simple ingredients and are the perfect treat for all ages. The company makes more than 15+ flavors. And now they have vegan ice cream, too.

  1. Brown Sugar Cookie Dough Chunk
  2. Chocolate
  3. Chocolate Fudge Brownie
  4. Cookies & Cream
  5. Earl Grey Tea
  6. Hazelnut Fudge Cookie
  7. Honeycomb
  8. Kraft Macaroni & Cheese
  9. Marionberry Cheesecake
  10. Mint Chip
  11. Mocha Cookie Crumble
  12. Peanut Butter Brownie
  13. Praline Butter Cake
  14. Pumpkin Cheesecake
  15. Sicilian Pistachio
  16. Vanilla Bean

Finding the perfect flavor can be hard, especially when you have to choose from so many options. With many new flavors being added, I decided to try all of them and rank the top 5 best ones from worst to best (for my personal taste).

Keep reading to see which ones made the cut!

5. Earl Grey Tea

If you’re like me and you love Earl Grey tea, then this is a delicious ice cream you MUST find!

There’s something so perfect about the way they’ve paired their hand-harvested Rishi Tea leaves from the tea tree forests in the Yunnan province of China with just the right amount of bergamot citrus to give it that sweet-but-earthy taste that’s just like your favorite Earl Grey.

And I love that it’s made with simple ingredients that are all naturally gluten-free. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

I highly recommend you pick up a pint and mix yourself up a little tea party but one that’s in an ice cream cone instead of a teacup! (You’re welcome.)

4. Sicilian Pistachio

Wow, this stuff is so shockingly sweet! It was just such a strange flavor.

It might not be exactly what you’re expecting if you’ve been craving that classic pistachio taste, but the end result is still extremely delicious.

If I could change one thing about this ice cream (and I don’t have to), it would be to add some pistachio pieces to it—just for fun! But the flavor on its own is phenomenal.

If you’re looking for a great dessert to share with friends or family, this is a perfect option!

The only downside is the price—it’s higher than average but well worth it!

3. Mint Chip

I’m not the biggest fan of mint chocolate chip ice cream in general. But I love this flavor!

The peppermint ice cream is so smooth and has a very prominent mint taste to it. The mint is not too overpowering and the dark chocolate chips complement it perfectly. It’s bitter but sweet at the same time. It’s super strong but goes so well together.

Credits: Maya

The best part about it is that it contains single-origin, dark chocolate chips, so you can taste the true flavor profile.

I also like how they use a little pure peppermint extract. It’s not artificial tasting at all, just natural and delicious!

2. Cookies & Cream

I got the Van Leeuwen Cookies & Cream and I was expecting a more traditional ice cream with chocolate cookies and cream filling, however, that’s not really what I got.

The consistency was smooth, and it had a very creamy texture that melted in your mouth. I was impressed by the quality of the creaminess.

It is a Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream with cream-filled dark chocolate cookies. While this pint holds true to the description, the cookies were different than I expected them to be. I’ll be honest, I was expecting more cookies.

I was hoping for bigger pieces of cookies and more cream filling, but what I got was mostly cookie crumbles mixed in with my ice cream. It wasn’t bad—the Tahitian vanilla flavor is really good—but it wasn’t what I was hoping for.

All that said, if you like the taste of a chocolate cookie crumble in your ice cream, this flavor would be very enjoyable for you!

1. Honeycomb

To be honest, I didn’t expect Van Leeuwen ice cream to taste this good, considering how popular it is on social media.

I’m so glad I tried Honeycomb because it’s pretty much the best ice cream I’ve ever had. I’d been seeing it all over social media, and I was worried that it would be one of those things that’s way more hyped up than it actually is. But I was wrong—this stuff is incredible.

It was so creamy, so rich, and so yummy. Sure, there weren’t any chunks of honeycomb in there—just two little dots of caramel sauce—but it still tasted amazing!

It does cost a bit more than some other ice creams, but it’s totally worth it for how awesome it tastes, and how good you feel after eating it (because no artificial ingredients). Definitely try this one if you haven’t yet—you won’t regret it!

In Conclusion

Van Leeuwen offers plenty of great flavors, but the five listed above are my absolute favorites. It is more expensive than other pints, but worth the price if you’re looking for something different.

Their flavors are unique and flavorful — making all of them a great, one-of-a-kind jam that you’ll want to come back to again and again.

I’m interested in hearing about your favorite flavors! Please leave them in a comment below.


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