7 Best Bubly Sparkling Water Flavors, Ranked and Reviewed

Everyone tells you that you must drink more water, but plain water is so boring!

 best bubly sparkling water flavors

If this statement describes your situation, you may like to check out sparkling water for your hydration needs.

Sparkling water is regular water that has been infused with carbon dioxide to convert it into a bubbly drink. The fizz factor makes it much more appealing than flat water.

There are many brands of sparkling water in the market. However, you should know that not all brands are made equal. While some of them taste amazing with enticing flavors, others are highly disappointing in terms of taste and quality!

So, if you are new to sparkling water, let us save you from numerous trials to locate your favorite and look at one of the front-runners—Bubly from Pepsi Co.

Bubly (spelled with just two ‘b’s’) wins full points for attractive packaging. Bubly cans look spectacular with their picture-perfect, cheeky pastel colors and funky prints.

Most flavors come in a single, saturated color with emojis or cheerful prints like polka dots printed on them. The can color tie to the taste within. For instance, yellow Bubly is mango-flavored while red Bubly is strawberry-flavored water.

Now, put aside the attractive packaging. Bubly still emerges as a popular favorite. So, what sets it apart from types of seltzer?

Let us find out.

How Does Bubly Compare With Other Sparkling Water Brands?

The main benefit of sparkling water is that it makes hydration easy. After all, nothing is interesting about plain, flat water. However, add a little fizz, and it is suddenly very appealing.

Sparkling water is also a good substitute for carbonated beverages. So, it would be a great drink if you are trying to cut down on cola and other aerated drinks.

Most brands of sparkling water do not contain sugar or other additives. Hence, it is healthier than other beverages. Not only will it quench thirst, but it will also make you eager to consume more. Thus, the high demand for sparkling water.

Now, moving on to Bubly and its claim to fame!

The best thing about Bubly is that it has bold and robust natural flavors. However, it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners or additives. Bubly is calorie-free as well.

Till the time Bubly entered the market, La Croix was the unbeatable champ enjoying top-dog status amongst sparkling water brands.

However, with Bubly’s appearance, La Croix began experiencing fierce competition with certain flavors becoming more popular than La Croix classics.

A notable factor about Bubly is that the flavors are more aromatic than other brands. Users also love the fact that Bubly leaves no unpleasant after-taste.

Now, let us look at the brand itself.

Did you know that Bubly works towards various good causes?

In October 2019, Bubly partnered with Susan.G.Komen to raise self-awareness about breast cancer. Apart from featuring Susan.G.Komen branding on their grapefruit-flavored cans, the brand also donated a whopping $100,000 to breast cancer programs.

Bubly also supports the Stonewall Community Foundation that impacts over 600,000 LGBTQ people through leadership programs, grants, and scholarships.

So, it is no secret that Bubly is one of the best sparkling water brands that appeals to not just your taste buds, but also your conscience.

What do you think? Isn’t it worth a try?

Here is our listing of the top-tier flavors from Bubly. Let’s look at what makes them so unique.

1. Grapefruit Flavor

If bitter is your style, the grapefruit flavor from Bubly with striking tartness will not disappoint!

bubly sparkling water grapefruit flavorbuy now

Key Features:

  • 0% fat, sodium, carbs, and sugar
  • Natural grapefruit flavor

What we like about this flavor:

  • Bold flavor
  • Very fizzy
  • No aftertaste
  • Filling

The grapefruit flavor from Bubly comes in the cutest-looking cans. It also has a vibrant flavor profile when compared to other variants of Bubly.

The fruity flavor is distinct, crisp, and refreshing. So, if you love grapefruit, expect to get addicted to grapefruit from Bubly.

This flavor is strong with a distinct aroma. Due to its intense tartness, it is an excellent choice for a carbonated drink. It will fix your thirst immediately, but without any of the sugar.

Although the grapefruit flavor is active, it isn’t overpowering. Hence, it can also be used as a mixer. Add a pop of flavor to tasteless, dull drinks with grapefruit Bubly, and it will keep you refreshed and hydrated when you need it.

2. Cherry Flavor

If you are looking for the perfect summer drink without any of the calories, cherry-flavored Bubly is your best bet.

bubly sparkling water cherry flavorbuy now

Key Features:

  • Available in red color cans
  • Naturally flavored with zero calories

What we like about this flavor:

  • Zesty drink with just a hint of sweetness
  • Refreshing
  • Tastes best when chilled
  • More tart than sweet

Do you always steer clear of cherry-flavored sparkling water? We understand your predicament. Yes, cherry-flavored sparkling water usually tastes artificial and hence is disastrous!

Fortunately, the cherry flavor from Bubly is different. It comes very close to cherry soda with its subtle tone of sweetness balanced by the sharp tartness. It has no caffeine, no sweeteners, and no colors. So, Bubly gets as close to the original taste of cherries as it possibly can.

Now, be warned that the cherry flavor may not be the best choice for those of you who prefer citrusy sparkling water. This is heavy on the palette. However, if you love the natural tanginess of cherry fruit, you will find this flavor excellent.

3. Orange Flavor

Revel in the refreshing goodness of a richly satisfying tropical flavor when you indulge in Bubly’s orange-flavored sparkling water.

bubly sparkling water orange flavorbuy now

Key Features:

  • Available in orange-colored cans
  • Natural orange flavor

What we like about this flavor:

  • Light and refreshing
  • Enticing aroma
  • The taste resembles real oranges
  • Just the right amount of fizz

In most cases, orange-flavored sparkling water turns out to be painfully sweet, like soft drinks or candy. However, Bubly orange-flavored sparkling water is smooth and citrusy. There is no unpleasant sweetness or artificial taste. Instead, the flavor resembles that of real oranges.

The orange flavor is one of the most popular flavors of Bubly because it has just a hint of sweetness, very similar to the real fruit.

Although orange Bubly is available throughout the year, it is merely perfect for summer. When the temperatures rise, and you must rehydrate, Orange bubly will keep you going for hours. The pleasant note of sweet and hint of tangy goodness will refresh you and keep those pesky summer headaches at bay.

Stock it in your refrigerator and grab it whenever you are thirsty to quench your thirst and enjoy the satisfaction of a fantastic summer drink.

4. Mango Flavor

Bubly mango flavor has an amazing flavor profile that invigorates the taste buds and leaves you craving more.

bubly sparkling water mango flavorbuy now

Key Features:

  • Available in summery yellow cans
  • Zero calories and artificial flavors

What we like about this flavor:

Mango is not the best flavor for sparkling water, especially since it can be quite sweet and leave an aftertaste. However, Bubly mango-flavored sparkling water is a decent drink.

If you want to enjoy the taste of mango-flavored Bubly, have it chilled. Upon opening the can, the first thing you will notice is its amazing fragrance. A single whiff will remind you of tropical orchards with juicy, ripe yellow fruits dancing in the sun.

As far as taste is concerned, it has a very subtle mango flavor. The drink is slightly sweet, and there is no hint of bitterness. One of the best things about Bubly mango flavor is that it doesn’t taste fake. It is fruity and resembles real mango. When properly chilled, mango-flavored Bubly is as delicious as a frozen mango popsicle.

Stock up on this flavor, and you will have an excellent drink for warm days.

5. Lime Flavor

Bubly lime sparkling water is just right in every way—it is mild, refreshing, and thoroughly invigorating.

bubly sparkling water lime flavorbuy now

Key Features:

  • Available in dark green cans
  • Natural lime flavor

What we like about this flavor:

  • Original and zesty lime flavor
  • Very summery flavor
  • Perfect replacement for soda

Bubly lime-flavor sparkling water is the best substitute for soda and sprite, the bonus being that it has none of the bad stuff like sugar, artificial sweeteners, or calories. So, if you are trying to kick your soda or soft drink addiction, opt for Bubly lime-flavored sparkling water, and you will sail through without a hitch.

This is also a great choice if you are looking for a refreshing drink that isn’t heavily flavored or intense. The lime flavor is not only a great drink on its own; it is a reliable mixer as well. The hint of tartness makes it very satisfying and refreshing.

Drink it ice cold on a hot summer day, and it will leave you energized and well-hydrated.

6. Strawberry Flavor

Strawberry is one of the tastiest and most aromatic flavors from Bubly!

bubly sparkling water strawberry flavorbuy now

Key Features:

  • Comes in a red can
  • Natural strawberry taste

What we like about this flavor:

  • Well-balanced flavor profile
  • Not too sweet nor syrupy
  • Slightest bit of sweetness

Strawberry-flavored Bubly is spot-on taste and almost as good as real strawberries. We highly recommend this flavor if you are looking for something refreshing and fruity, without any artificial feeling.

When compared to the other berry flavors like cherry and peach, strawberry is undoubtedly the superior choice. Bubly strawberry flavor is light on the palette with just a hint of sweetness. Hence it tastes natural and is excellent when chilled. It smells amazing too.

If you like sparkling water that tastes like real fruit, Bubly strawberry is one of the best choices you can find.

7. Apple Flavor

One sips, and it is almost like biting into a real apple. Bubly sparkling water apple flavor is that delicious and indulgent!

bubly sparkling water apple flavorbuy now

Key Features:

  • Available in light green cans
  • Zero calories and zero sweeteners

What we like about this flavor:

  • Very autumnal flavors
  • Perfect amount of fizz
  • Very effective in quenching thirst

Bubly apple-flavored sparkling water is one of the most underrated flavors from Bubly. But if you have ever tried this flavor, you will know that it deserves full points for how original and lustrous it is.

Bubly apple flavor sparkling water brings forth memories of autumnal colors, cool breezes, and fresh apple cider. The taste, in fact, closely resembles that of raw apple cider with its ample texture and mild tartness. It is barely sweet and forms the perfect drink for autumn. But don’t hesitate to swing it in any weather.

As with most of the other flavors, Bubly apple flavor tastes best when chilled. You can also mix it with other drinks to create exotic mocktails with the scent and zesty goodness of pure apples.

Apple-flavored Bubly makes hydration a breeze, as it improves fluid levels instantly while making the process more enjoyable with great taste. We highly recommend this flavor if you are looking for a drink that is pleasant on the palette, but not overly sweet.

To wrap up…

Ever since Pepsi Co introduced the Bubly range of flavored sparkling water, it has been a favorite with the masses. Most of the flavors are fresh, aromatic, and delicious.

We have carefully analyzed the most popular flavors from Bubly, and our verdict is that it is a fantastic sparkling water brand worth trying, especially if you have trouble meeting your daily water requirements.

You will also find these drinks useful if you are trying to kick a soda addiction. Bubly flavored sparkling waters, with their robust flavors, make hydration fun and something to look forward to.

The wide range of flavors from Bubly ensures that there is something to suit most palates. None of the flavors are overpowering or too sweet. If you haven’t tried Bubly previously, we suggest that you start with our list. However, Bubly also has a variety pack with different flavors from the range. You may like to explore this option if you would like to stock up on a variety of flavors. And once you do try it, don’t forget to let us know which flavor turns out to be your favorite.

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