We Tried 10 Buffalo Wild Wings Flavors & Ranked Them (2021)

If there is one thing that makes Buffalo Wild Wings a big hit, it is their diverse selection of sauces and spice rubs.

best buffalo wild wings flavors

Hadn’t it been for the sheer variety and exciting sauce flavors, Buffalo Wild Wings would perhaps be just another fried snack. But their range of sauces and rubs ensures that there is an option for everyone, whether you prefer sticky sweet goodness or a punch of spice.

Now, with the bottled versions of these sauces available online, you can enjoy these sauces with more than just buffalo wings.

But, where do you start?

Read on for our top ten suggestions of Buffalo Wild Wings sauces. It should help you find your favorites.

10. Honey BBQ

The best things about the Honey BBQ sauce are its deep color and thickness. The luscious dark brown and gooey sauce adds a glossy, rich look to anything it coats. The sauce drips off and pools into puddles, leaving enough for dipping.

However, the flavor does not hold up to its gourmet look. It is sweet with a touch of spice. The smokiness is subtle. Hence, it barely qualifies as a barbecue sauce. This sauce is also not too great as a dip.

The Honey BBQ Wild wings sauce holds greater appeal for youngsters who enjoy sticky sweet flavors than grown-ups.

9. Nashville Hot

Nashville Hot sauce is an addictive, exciting sauce. It is hot, spicy, and bursting with flavor. The heat is perfectly balanced with just a hint of sweetness.

This sauce has a signature smokiness. Whether you soak meat or vegetables in this sauce or use it as a dip, it will be irresistibly delicious.

Although the sauce was introduced with a fried chicken sandwich, you can use it for much more. Pair it with creamy pasta or vegetables. Or even balance the fiery heat of the Nashville hot sauce with decadent chocolate.

8. Caribbean Jerk

The complex flavor of an exciting spice blend makes the Caribbean Jerk sauce a winner. And if you find yourself drawn to the spice mix, the heat only makes it better. Bite into your buffalo wings drenched in this sauce, and your tastebuds will be dancing in all directions. Pungent, sweet, peppery, tangy; it is a harmonious marriage of all these flavors and more.

Wild Wings Caribbean jerk slightly deviates from the flavors of authentic jerk chicken. It is not as fiery. Nonetheless, this sauce hits all the right spots. It goes well with all types of meat. Pair it with a lemony drink or dessert to enhance its rich flavors.

7. Mango Habanero

Mango Habanero is an exotic flavor combination. What begins as a sweet and tangy bite quickly gives way to the intense heat of the habanero pepper. It is certainly not a flavor for the faint-hearted. But if you are fond of fiery hot sauces, you will love Mango Habanero.

The texture of the sauce is divinely appealing. It is sticky, sweet, and thick. This sauce will liven up any bland dish and add truckloads of flavor to a meal. It is one of those sauces that will be the highlight of the entire meal and keep you digging in, even if you are full.

6. Thai Curry

The nutty aroma of coconut milk, softly simmering spices, and creamy flavors inspire Thai Curry buffalo wild wings sauce. However, it does not subscribe to the exact recipe of traditional Thai curries.

You can taste the coconut, sweet chilies, and lemongrass in the sauce. However, it is drowned by equally strong flavors of various other spices. Although the sauce has heat, it is not overpowering. The Thai curry sauce is thick but not too sticky. It is saltier than most Buffalo Wild Wing sauces and has a rich texture from the chunky ingredients in it.

5. Jammin Jalapeno

Jammin jalapeno was a limited-edition flavor by the brand. However, it was added to the permanent menu of Buffalo Wild Wings by popular demand. If a sauce managed to build a whole community of raving fans, isn’t it evident that it has something exotic to offer?

In terms of taste, Jammin Jalapeno is one of the spiciest sauces on the menu. It is a sauce that is ideally suited for those who can tolerate very hot and spicy flavors. Lemon is the flavor in the spotlight. Although there should be flavors of tequila within the sauce, it is barely discernible. Jammin Jalapeno has excellent texture as it neatly coats an ingredient without slipping off.

4. Wild

What does “wild” bring to your mind—heat, spice, complex flavors, gamey goodness? This sauce delivers all these factors. It is fiery hot, and the flavors are intriguing.  It is tart, sweet, hot, and complex.

As their hottest buffalo sauce, the heat is expected. However, it can turn out to be quite overpowering, to the extent that it masks the other flavors. The smokey aspect of the sauce also adds to the excitement. So, if you are after intense heat, go for the wild sauce. But if you are looking for a mix of well-balanced flavors, keep exploring.

3. Buffalo Seasoning

Buffalo seasoning is a dry rub and not a sauce. Nonetheless, it ranks high on the spectrum due to the complex and unique flavors it adds to a meal.

The buffalo seasoning is a good option if you are not fond of gooey wings drenched in liquid. It is clean but just as flavorful. Nonetheless, the seasoning mix is dry and not as buttery as the brand suggests. It has a strong garlicky taste. You can never know if you will like it unless you try it. So, give it a chance!

2. Asian Zing

This Buffalo Wild Wings flavor is true to its name. It is full of signature Asian flavors and is sweet, spicy, zingy, and sticky. The sauce brings together the deep and rich color of soy with the heat of chilies and ginger. There is a citrusy zing that leaves a strong aftertaste.

Asian Zing can add character to any bland dish. Use it to transform any boring meal of meat, potatoes, or vegetables into an Asian delicacy. It will also work well as a side for chips or in a dressing for salads.

1. Parmesan Garlic

If you like creamy, white sauces more than spice-laden, gooey, red, and brown sauces try the Parmesan Garlic Buffalo Wild Wing sauce. It is creamy, buttery, and luscious. The flavors of parmesan and garlic mix perfectly to form a delightfully indulgent sauce.

Although parmesan garlic is creamy, it is not too thick. It spreads smoothly. It will not hurt your taste buds and is guaranteed to be a favorite with kids. Keep parmesan garlic sauce handy for anytime you want to cool your tongue after burning it with spicy food. It will turn down the heat and satiate your appetite.

To wrap it up…

Buffalo sauces taste good on almost anything, not just wild wings. So, isn’t it great that it is available in bottles at their stores and online?

With the details about each of their top flavors, you should be able to identify your favorites. So, what are you waiting for? Stock up on the sauces you like most and indulge in the gourmet goodness of the best buffalo wild wings sauces whenever you crave it.

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