5 Best Canned Enchilada Sauce Brands: Our Taste Test Results

Talk about spicy Mexican sauce and Enchilada will simply pop into your head. All South of the border dishes are made complete with this deep red spice slice. With a strong chili base, it’s a fine blend of onion, garlic, and tomato. The two main types of Enchilada sauce are the Red Chilli version and the Green Chilli version. Enchilada sauce is always authentically homemade for its true zest. This is mainly because of the ingredient quality and specialties in the recipe.

Many families have their own version of Enchilada sauce. This would be having an emotional impact along with the taste. But there are some brands which are known for their traditional taste and quality.

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A Detailed Look at Our Top Canned Enchilada Sauce Brands

We have chosen 5 sauce brands as the best canned Enchilada sauces. Here is why:

1. Old El Paso Enchilada Sauce

Old El Paso’s Enchilada sauce is one that lies close to the authentic homemade versions. One major feature of this brand is affordability.

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  • Old El Paso delivers different quantities of enchilada sauce. 10 oz cans available as a pack of 12, 28 oz cans in a pack of 6 and 19 oz cans in a pack of 6.
  • In addition to the red enchilada sauce, the green flavor is also available.
  • The 10 oz can is enough for five six-inch enchiladas.
  • 60g is said to contain 20 calories.
  • The available flavors are medium and mild.


  • Best for those not interested in too much heat.
  • Large quantities in each can.


  • The cans are not of good packaging.

With their history dating back to the 1930s, this enchilada sauce brand is one that favors the mild flavor lovers. But it goes perfectly with all kinds of Mexican food and even pizzas. The consistency of this sauce is just right for any dish. Old El Paso Enchilada sauce is preferred for a homely feel for your yummy Mexican meal.

2. Rosarita Enchilada Sauce

Rosarita is a famous Mexican food brand established in the 1940s. The brand uses only good quality products for the carb-conscious consumers.

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  • The 20 oz cans contain enough and more quantity to use and store for the family. After opening, the remaining sauce can be stored in plastic containers. And refrigerated. For the next use, it can be made warm by cooking for 30-35 minutes.
  • The net carbohydrates contained in every gram of this sauce is only 2 grams.
  • No added sugar makes it more Keto friendly.
  • For those who prefer a mild spice level in their food.
  • It can be used for any kind of dishes, pasta, nachos, or anything you wish.


  • Quantity and quality are maintained.
  • There are roughly about 20 calories for every serving. But the most important point is that there is no trans fat in this brand.
  • Good shelf life, if not opened.


  •  Due to large quantities, there is a need for additional storage option after being opened.
  • The can packaging is not up to the mark.

Rosarita is a popular brand among Mex food lovers. The very important feature of this brand is the keto-friendly recipe. The heat level also makes it perfect for those who prefer mild palettes. The cheesiness in this sauce is very commendable. There is also an option for choosing your preferred flavor. Nacho cheese and Fire-roasted tomato are two variants of the Enchilada sauce from Rosarita. But it is important to point out that this brand is not gluten-free. Hence, those who are allergic can try and avoid this product.

 3. Las Palmas Enchilada Sauce

Las Palmas has a history of over 70 years in the Mexican food industry. Their recipes are known for authenticity and taste. The quality of ingredients used is another highlight of Las Palmas. The tomatillos and chiles are handpicked and used with all the freshness.

las palmas enchilada saucebuy now


  • Variants of spice and flavors available. Red and green chili enchiladas and hot enchilada sauce plus are the varieties available.
  • You can choose the heat level that suits your palette.
  • Package with 12 cans of 28 oz.
  • 25 calories per serving.


  • The ingredients are handpicked and specifically chosen for the brand.
  • The product is Kosher friendly.


  •  Packaging quality needs improvement.

This enchilada sauce is one that does not overpower the taste of the dishes it is being used in. The flavors match their original taste. Quantity and quality remain equally important for Las Palmas. When used with chicken or vegetables, the sauce enhances the taste accordingly. Normally, most people prefer the red enchilada sauces but this brand is a clear exception. Pulled pork, lasagna, casseroles, etc can be enjoyed with Las Palmas Enchilada sauces. Cooking with Las Palmas is sure to take you back in time, experiencing the traditional Mex taste.

4. Hatch Gluten-free Enchilada Sauce

Hatch is a food product company that is being known all around the United States. They produce a truly authentic taste for the sauces. Green and red variants of Enchilada sauce are available from Hatch.

hatch gluten-free enchilada saucebuy now


  • The green sauce comes in 15 oz cans in packages of 6. The red sauce comes in 15 oz cans in packages of 12.
  • The ingredients are specially collected from chosen farms.
  • The products also have options for medium or mild heat.


  • No preservatives added, thus making it flavorful and of excellent quality.
  • No MSG is added: The commonly used Monosodium glutamate, which enhances the taste of products, is avoided.
  • Gluten-free: One of the most common allergies in the United States is due to gluten. Hatch makes it easy for everyone to enjoy some enchilada sauce.
  • Vegan: A common concern for a number of people solved by Hatch’s Enchilada sauce.
  • Organic products: The ingredients being used in this sauce are all organic and of high quality.
  • The option to choose medium and mild spice levels is a great help for all.


  • The product contains sodium.
  • The product is pricey when compared to other sauce brands.
  • Packaging can be made better.

Hatch is bringing home all the best sauces in Mexican cuisine. It is also the first company to eliminate the use of MSG.  All your favorite dishes can be enhanced with this Enchilada sauce. Organic ingredients and healthy recipes are two main highlights of Hatch. Branded green chilies are available from the annual New Mexico Chile Harvest. Here, the chilies are all handpicked and hence of good quality. These chilies are then washed, peeled, roasted and packed within 24 hours time. Hatch uses these Branded chilies to make their special Enchilada sauce.

5. La Victoria Enchilada Sauce

Red and green Enchilada sauces are available from La Victoria. The flavor is mildly spicy for the ones preferring low heat in their sauces. Since 1917, La Victoria has brought us canned Mexican food in their real taste and flavors.

la victoria enchilada saucebuy now


  • Both the red and green versions come in 28 oz cans.
  • No overpowering of flavors. A fine blend of all the ingredients.
  • About 20 – 25 calories in a single-serve.
  • The right pick for mild heat enchilada sauce brand.
  • It has a thick consistency, which can be made loose by adding stock or water.
  • Kosher friendly.


  • Even children can give a try with La Victoria’s enchilada sauces.
  • The flavors are all very much authentic.
  • Affordable by most people.


  • Packaging needs improvement.
  • Those people who like to have their sauces real spicy will not be impressed with this.

La Victoria has brought a number of different contributions to the Canned Mex food industry. They have made use of many new methods to make people interested in the products. The heat thermometer is one such addition. This was used to know what amount of spiciness is preferred by each person. Thus they could decide on the heat levels to prepare the sauces in.  La Victoria brings to you authentic Mexican sauces in their family recipes.

To conclude…

We covered 5 different brands of Enchilada sauces and discussed various points. These are products that can make your meals as enjoyable as homemade versions of sauces. The ingredients and recipes are all of the high quality, making the sauces soar high in taste and flavor.

Mexican sauces are known for their tangy, spicy flavors. But. high levels of spice should not be consumed if you have health problems. Hence, it is always important to find your preferred spice level. This can help in choosing the right brand of sauce from a number of choices. You can also try adding water or stock to get the right amount of spice. Consistency can also be altered using this method.

 Most of these brands will not be available in the local stores, therefore, people opt for online shopping. Always make sure you keep an eye for the expiration date and related information. When you are buying bulk quantities of products, the shelf life should be assessed. Store the products in places with no moisture of fungal problems.

Use your favorite enchilada sauce to bring flavor to all your Mexican meals. Try it with some tamale, tortillas, lasagnas, etc. You can also experiment with making a pizza using the sauce. Enjoy your favorite dishes with the right enchilada brand from the list.

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