The 7 Best Gatorade Flavors, Ranked and Reviewed (2021)

Most of us have heard of, and perhaps even tried Gatorade at some point or other. This energy drink not only eliminates thirst but also supplies the body with essential electrolytes.

Now, do you know why electrolytes matter?

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Electrolytes are trace elements like sodium, calcium, potassium, phosphate, and magnesium that power the automatic processes in our body. We must maintain a balanced electrolyte level to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, our bodies cannot obtain enough quantities of these electrolytes through food alone. Also, we lose electrolytes every time we sweat or lose fluids during illnesses like vomiting and diarrhea. Hence it becomes necessary to continuously replenish our electrolyte levels and avoid the discomforts of an electrolyte imbalance.

So, how do we boost natural electrolyte levels?

Enter Gatorade!

As one of the most popular thirst quenchers, Gatorade helps to replace the critical electrolytes that are lost by the body.

The benefits of consuming this scientific formulation outweigh those of plain water, especially when you are training or involved in high-energy activities.

But how does it work?

To find out, let us look at the background story of this brilliant invention.

Story Behind Gatorade

In the summer of 1965, players at the University of Florida had to battle a harsh summer.

When heat-related illnesses began impacting their performance levels, their assistant coach turned to a team of researchers for help.

These researchers discovered that the cause of this problem was two-fold:

  1. Fluids and electrolytes lost by the players were not being replaced.
  2. Carbs burnt during physical exertion were not being replaced.

To fix both issues, they came up with an effective electrolyte-carbohydrate formula. Thus, Gatorade was born.

Ever since then, Gatorade has been the top-rated choice for athletes worldwide.

You can see Gatorade on supermarket shelves everywhere. They are available in an astonishing range of flavors.

Here is Our List of Favorites for the Most Popular Gatorade Flavors

Let us now get down to business and find out which Gatorade flavors are most popular.

1. Fruit Punch

Here is a flavor that is best described as fiery. It goes down very easy and is very refreshing.

gatorade thirst quencher, fruit punchbuy now

Key features:

  • Red in color
  • 140 calories per serving of 20 oz.

What we like about this flavor:

  • Light and refreshing
  • Tangy taste that you cannot tire of

Fruit punch is a lovely, summery Gatorade flavor that will hydrate and refresh, even on the warmest days. The fruity taste and punchy smell set it apart from other flavors.

Fruit punch is the right choice when you prefer to stick to just one flavor of Gatorade. Unlike certain other flavors, it doesn’t get boring after a while. Also, the slightly tangy note makes its sweetness tolerable and enjoyable even!

Try mixing the fruit punch flavor with equal quantities of orange. You will be pleasantly surprised by the tasty result.

2. Cool Blue

Cool Blue Gatorade is one of those flavors that instantly impresses with its intense blue color. You will not regret trying it.

gatorade thirst quencher, cool bluebuy now

Key features:

  • Striking blue color
  • 80 calories per serving size of 12 oz each

What we like about this flavor:

  • Perfect treat for anyone with a sweet tooth
  • Smooth, icy color
  • Pungent and robust flavor and aroma
  • Low sugar content

The Cool Blue flavor of Gatorade rarely disappoints. This is a more substantial variety of Gatorade that will remind you of lush blue raspberry drinks.

Fans of the Cool Blue flavor swear by its effectiveness. It is an excellent choice if you want a quick supply of energy. This is also one of the flavors that are palatable when suffering from a stomach bug or indigestion.

The cool blue flavor never gets old. So, it is a safe choice to buy and stock in bulk. Since the cool blue flavor is not too sweet, you can even pack it into a school lunch. Die-hard fans of this flavor suggest that the bold, sharp taste of Blue Ice is precisely what makes it so effective.

3. Lemon-Lime

Light on the palette and almost replicates the original taste of lemonade. Lemon-lime is undoubtedly a comfortable and safe choice!

gatorade thirst quencher, lemon-limebuy now

Key features:

  • Light yellow color
  • Zesty with plenty of sugary goodness
  • 140 calories per 20 oz.

What we like about this flavor:

  • Not too sour
  • Strong lemon flavor but no artificial after-taste
  • Very refreshing when chilled

Lemon-lime from Gatorade is entirely delicious, especially when chilled. It is easy to down and doesn’t leave any unpleasant aftertaste that is commonly associated with lemon-flavored drinks.

As one of the original flavors of Gatorade, lemon-lime is as good as it gets. It is almost a neutral flavor and is universally liked. You will also not find any powdery residue that is commonly seen in other lemon-flavored electrolyte drinks. Hence it is also one of the best-selling flavors in the market.

Perfect for casual drinking, especially if you want a pure, refreshing flavor that you can gulp down quickly, Pack it when you go on a hike, and it will keep you hydrated and refreshed from within.

4. Arctic Blitz

If you have a thing for smooth, blue drinks that are as pleasant on the palette as they are on the eyes, Arctic Blitz is the flavor to try!

gatorade frost thirst quencher, arctic blitzbuy now

Key features:

  • Refreshing bluish-green color
  • Available in 12 oz bottles—80 calories

What we like about this flavor:

  • Light refreshing flavor
  • Not overly sweet nor sour
  • Incredibly distinct taste
  • Cool and light

The Arctic Blitz flavor from Gatorade is distinct from all the other flavors in terms of taste. It is highly satisfying. So, one bottle is enough to rejuvenate and energize.

This flavor is anything but traditional. It is, in fact, quite challenging to compare with anything else. You could perhaps say that it remotely resembles watermelon or honeydew. It is unique but in the right way!

Although the Arctic Blue Flavor doesn’t match up to the Gatorade classics, this flavor does have loyal fans who will not settle for anything else. We suggest trying an individual bottle of Arctic Blitz first, so you can check it suits your taste buds before buying a whole pack.

5. Green Apple

The “Fierce” on the label indicates what to expect from the Gatorade Green Apple. It is pungent, sour, and strong. If you like tart flavors, this flavor will not disappoint.

gatorade fierce, green applebuy now

Key features:

  • Deep green color
  • Available in 12 oz bottles
  • 140 calories per serving

What we like about this flavor:

  • Powerful with strong apple flavor
  • Very sour
  • Jolts awake the senses

The jury is divided over the Gatorade Fierce Green Apple—You either like it or hate it!

There is no denying that this is one of the sourest flavors from Gatorade. So, if sweet isn’t your thing, you should like this flavor.

The strong taste could also be a reason why it quenches thirst effectively. The apple flavor distinctly reminds one of the autumnal tastes and is a great way to cool you from deep within on a hot summer day.

But if you are looking for a Gatorade flavor that is easy on the palette, don’t opt for green apple. It takes quite an effort to get through an entire bottle. Indeed not a choice for the faint-hearted!

6. Glacier Freeze

Here’s another refreshingly blue thirst quencher flavor from Gatorade—the Glacier Freeze. Does the name remind you of fresh lusciousness? Well, the drink is just as impressive.

gatorade thirst quencher, glacier freezebuy now

Key features:

  • Sharp blue color
  • 80 calories per serving

What we like about this flavor:

  • One of the best freeze flavors
  • Mildly tastes like grape
  • Superb when chilled

The Glacier Freeze is a prevalent frost flavor from Gatorade. Refrigerate it and treat yourself to ice-cold deliciousness that divinely invigorates the senses.

This flavor will uplift your mood. While the taste isn’t distinctly that of a single fruit, there are unmistakable but subtle grape, strawberry, and citrus undertones. The color is equally attractive.

Boost your workout sessions with the Glacier Freeze, and you will find yourself relaxed, but very much energetic for several hours at a stretch.

7. G2 Sports Drink, Grape (Low Sugar)

With just half the carbs as in other Gatorade drinks, but the same hydration benefits, the Gatorade G2 sports drink in grape flavor is a clear winner!

gatorade g2 sports drink, grape - low sugarbuy now

Key features:

  • Grape-flavored low sugar formulation
  • 20 calories per serving

What we like about this flavor:

  • Half the sugar, but all the electrolytes
  • Unusual, but distinct flavor profile
  • Attractive color

The G2 sports drinks from Gatorade are supposedly superior versions in terms of hydration and electrolyte delivery. And here is a distinctly unique flavor.

The grape flavor stands out for its distinct taste and color. Although it isn’t as intense as the Fierce Grape, the taste of grape is evident. You can perhaps call it a washed-down version of the Fierce flavor, but sweeter one.

If you enjoy grape-flavored candy or the fruit itself, this is a beautiful treat. And the grape flavor is a great choice to rehydrate and bounce back when struggling from a bad hangover.

While this brings us to the end of our discussion on the top-reigning Gatorade flavors, I am sure you will still have many questions regarding this drink in general. So, here we go.

Is Gatorade Good for You?

Let us first accept the fact that Gatorade is a processed drink with sugar and artificial flavors. It doesn’t contain any real fruit.

Some of the main benefits of consuming Gatorade are as follows:

  • Rehydrates and revitalizes the body after energy-intense activities.
  • Contains electrolytes that will restore electrolyte levels after sweating or during illnesses.
  • Sugar content boosts energy.

When consumed in moderate amounts, Gatorade is as safe as any other sports drink. It is, in fact, better than drinking plain water, since plain water doesn’t contain any electrolytes.

However, it isn’t wise to consume Gatorade in excessive quantities. As with any other sugary sports drink, Gatorade increases your risk for weight gain. It can also adversely affect appetite. Hence, use it in moderation.

Research suggests that Gatorade is best consumed when you exercise for more than an hour or indulge in high-energy workouts. Drink it when needed but switch to water when you need hydration.

How does Gatorade compare with water and other sports drinks?

At the beginning of this post, we saw that Gatorade was invented to hydrate and correct electrolyte imbalances in athletes and players after or during high-energy activities.

The benefit of choosing Gatorade over water is that it provides electrolytes that are not present in plain water. So, Gatorade hydrates while also restoring electrolyte levels.

Now, let us look at how Gatorade compares with other drinks.

Gatorade contains fewer calories and is easier to drink when compared to sodas and fruit juices. It isn’t heavy and hence doesn’t weigh you down. Nonetheless, a single bottle is satisfying after an intense workout and will keep you refreshed till your next meal.

The fact that Gatorade restores electrolytes also makes it a good drink for when you are suffering from stomach bugs, diarrhea, or bouts of vomiting. It is easy on the stomach and provides proper hydration.

Nevertheless, Gatorade contains artificial sweeteners and flavors which must be consumed in moderation.

To wrap it up…

Gatorade is a sports drink that refreshes, replenishes electrolytes lost through sweat, and rehydrates the body. Hence it is an excellent alternative to water and helps to rehydrate after energy-intense activities and during illnesses.

This post looks at seven of the most popular and best Gatorade flavors that are currently available. If you are new to the brand, this will help you get started with the best flavors.

Gatorade also has a variety of flavor packs of 12 or 24 bottles. So, you may also like to explore this option if you prefer to pick a ready-to-go batch. Regardless of whether you decide to go with the flavors from our list or a variety pack, do let us know which one you like most and why!

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