7 Best Energy Drinks for Gamers, According to Reviews

If you are a gaming expert, you most likely rely on energy drinks to improve your performance and keep going for long spells. These drinks enable serious gamers to stay alert, focused, and energetic for hours at a stretch.

best energy drink for gaming

When used correctly, they can literally change your game!

Gaming energy drinks do more than just hydrate. These energy formulas are loaded with active ingredients like caffeine, electrolytes, vitamins, and minerals. They promote wakefulness, reduce fatigue, and help to stay sharp and focused.

The market for energy drinks is booming. With new brands appearing on the scene every day, you have ample choices. However, not all of them deliver impressive results.

So, which gaming energy drinks can you trust?

Check out our list of the best energy drinks for gamers to learn about the best brands.

1. MIXT Energy

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MIXT Energy is gluten-free, sugar-free, 100% vegan, and clean. It packs a whopping 165mg of caffeine into each serving, more than most energy formulas.

Although this brand does not have an extensive list of ingredients, it provides the necessary vitamins, electrolytes, and caffeine to produce noticeable results. It delivers what it promises and does not resort to using ingredients in scant quantities to just include them on the label. Each tub has 65 servings, which is more than what most brands offer.

The flavors are light and watered down. Nonetheless, they are refreshing, easy to consume and leave no unpleasant aftertaste.

2. G Fuel

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G Fuel is one of the most popular energy drinks for gamers. It is the official drink of esports and is endorsed by gaming experts, athletes, and fitness enthusiasts. The product line is constantly growing and they have a wide variety of flavors.

Caffeine is the main active ingredient. Apart from caffeine, it has various other natural ingredients. However, most ingredients are present in very small amounts. The product is reasonably priced and offers 150mg of caffeine per serving.

The main problems with GFuel are its unpleasant aftertaste and chalky residue.

3. Rogue Energy

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Rogue Energy is a clean energy drink with refreshing fruity flavors. It is sugar-free, gluten-free, and keto-friendly. The ingredient stack in Rogue Energy has nearly 18 ingredients. What is impressive is that the product contains liberal doses of each of the ingredients. Hence, it offers better results than many other formulas.

The caffeine content varies from flavor to flavor and is between 175 to 300mg. Hence, this is a highly caffeinated energy drink formula. All their flavors mix well in water but some have a strong aftertaste.

4. JuJu Gaming Energy Drink

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Juju Energy is a strongly caffeinated, clean, and safe energy drink formula. It tastes good and each flavor is distinct and delicious.

The brand is transparent about the ingredient list. They reveal the exact amount of each ingredient. There are decent doses of vitamins, minerals, and caffeine. It includes taurine, L-theanine, Alpha GPC, cordyceps, and Bacopa Monniera. While the dosage of some ingredients is less than the recommended intake, they still produce good results.

Although Juju energy is not the cheapest energy drink in the market, it is reasonably priced. The brand offers attractive offers and deals on regular and starter packs. You can use these options for a better deal.

5. GamerSupps GG

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GamerSupps GG is a zero-calorie, nootropic energy formula. The tubs come with colorful and exciting detailing. The taste also does not disappoint. This brand has an impressive stack of ingredients. It includes the entire B-complex range, Vitamin C, Vitamin K, and various other active ingredients.

However, they have a proprietary label that does not disclose the exact quantities. Hence, we cannot assess the effectiveness of the active ingredients, including caffeine. Unless the ingredients are present in reasonable amounts, they may not prove useful.

Nevertheless, GamerSupps GG is good at boosting energy and endurance levels. They also do not cause a sugar crash like many other drinks. The brand uses erythritol as the sweetener, which is supposed to be safe when consumed in moderation. Overall, it is a good bet if you are looking for a clean energy formula at a budget-friendly price.

6. Sneak Energy

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Sneak energy is a delicious energy drink formula packed with rich flavors. Each serving delivers 150mg of caffeine per serving, which is well within the safe recommendation per day. It also has an attractive list of ingredients. However, you should know that although the ingredient list is vast, most of them are present in amounts that are below the recommended daily dosage.

Although Sneak Energy does not use any sugar, it has carbs. The maltodextrin in this product delivers 12 calories per serving. The good thing is that the combination of caffeine and energy produces an effective energy boost.

Each tub yields forty servings, and they are reasonably priced, though you can find cheaper energy formulas in the market.

7. Mountain Dew Game Fuel

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Mountain Dew Game Fuel came out with a new and enhanced energy formula that is superior to its original gaming formula. The brand uses relatively less caffeine than other leading energy drink formulas. Nonetheless, it is enough to produce a noticeable difference in your performance and energy levels.

It also has active ingredients like L-theanine, ginseng, yerba mate, and an effective Vitamin and mineral complex.

The brand uses artificial sweeteners instead of natural sugar for sweetness. Nonetheless, it tastes sweet and has a thick, syrupy texture. The flavors are delicious and distinct. This drink comes in cans and is ready to use. It has a fizzy texture, and the cans squirt even if you do not shake them before opening them.

Final note…

Energy drink formulas keep gamers going for a long time and support their performance during intense and extended gaming sessions. They keep fatigued and exhausted at bay for hours. So, these drinks will help you perform well when you need them most.

Clean formulas with natural ingredients and no sugar are safer to consume than sugar-laden calorie-dense drinks. Nevertheless, most energy drinks, including those on our list, are caffeinated. Caffeine can produce unwanted side effects when consumed in excess. So, stick to the recommended serving size and amount to stay healthy and safe.

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