Bubly vs. LaCroix vs. Aha: Which One is better?

Sparkling water can make it a lot easier to keep up your daily fluid levels. These flavored, carbonated versions of water are healthier than colas and taste better than still water. Strong carbonation and sweet flavors can also help to kick a soda addiction while improving our hydration levels.

bubly vs lacroix vs aha

With an unending demand for sparkling water, more and more brands have been foraying into the scene. Lacroix is one of the oldest and most established names in the bubbly water market. PepsiCo’s Bubly and Coca-Cola’s Aha are much newer.

So, how do the three sparkling water brands compare? Let us dive into the details and find out.

What do Bubly, LaCroix, and Aha contain?

LaCroix sparkling water cans feature vibrant colors and busy prints in different colors. The print usually hints at the flavor in a can. Meanwhile, Bubly packaging is adorable with pleasant colors and minimal lettering. The two-color design on Aha cans matches its two-fruit flavor combination.

Bubly has a calorie-free nutrition label with zero added sugar, preservatives, and additives.  So, it is just carbonated water and natural flavors. Nevertheless, the term “natural flavors” is vague. There is no clarity on what these ingredients are or their sources. Bubly also has a new range of caffeinated sparkling water. These cans contain 35g of caffeine per serving.

Now, LaCroix has a similar nutritional profile. The ingredient list displays just two components: carbonated water and natural flavor. But we also know that their flavors are gluten-free, kosher, and vegetarian.

AHA too boasts of zero sweeteners, calories, and sodium. They use bold natural flavors. A few Aha flavors have caffeine in them.

Flavor Range for Each Brand

When it comes to the variety of flavors, LaCroix is the undisputed leader. Apart from twenty core flavors, LaCroix has six additional flavors in its Curate line and four flavors in its Nicola line. You can enjoy classics like lemon and orange as well as intriguing flavors like Pamplemousse and hibiscus.

Bubly too has an impressive array of fifteen fruity flavors. While most of them are pure single-fruit flavors, a few like the blueberry pomegranate Bubly are a mix of flavors.

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Meanwhile, AHA offers only eight flavors. Each flavor is a combination of two natural fruits, like apple and ginger, or orange and grapefruit.

Time for a Taste Test

To compare these sparkling waters in terms of taste, we should look at the most distinguishing aspects of each of these brands.

LaCroix is distinguished by its strong natural-tasting flavors. This sparkling water tastes like real fruit. It is not too sweet or candy-like. The carbonation is crisp and refreshing.

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Overall, LaCroix delivers a simple but authentic taste. Classic flavors like lime and tangerine are calming and refreshing. Meanwhile, exotic flavors like passion fruit and mango taste unique. However, these unusual fruity flavors may not be to everybody’s liking. A few LaCroix flavors, like the coconut, fail to impress.

When compared to LaCroix and Aha, Bubly flavors are more fragrant. The strong fruity aroma of Bubly sparkling water makes us expect strong fruity drinks. However, the flavor is not as strong as its scent. Although Bubly has many decent flavors, some of their flavors are very bland.

If we were to compare similar flavors like LaCroix berry and Bubly strawberry, LaCroix tastes more authentic taste. Most Bubly flavors have a hint of sweet candy Some flavors like mango and strawberry taste unnatural and are highly disappointing.

However, the sweetness of Bubly pales in front of Aha sparkling water. Aha sparkling water is the sweetest of all three brands. This sparkling water has a distinct candy-like fragrance and flavor. Interestingly, it does not resemble the flavor of real fruit. Another factor is that all Aha flavors have two fruits in them. However, in most of them, the flavor of one of the fruits is stronger and more overpowering.

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Now, carbonation is an important factor that affects the taste of sparkling water. Of the three brands, Aha sparkling water is thicker and fizzier than the other two. The big bubbles and strong sweetness make AHA sparkling water resemble cola drinks more than LaCroix and Bubly. Lacroix delivers enough flavor while Bubly has weaker flavors compared to Aha and LaCroix.

Final Verdict: Which is Best?

Do you prefer sparkling water over still water because it reminds you of cola drinks? Or do you like gentle carbonation and light refreshing flavors?

You may even prefer one brand for a certain flavor and another one for another flavor. What we mean to say is that taste is a very personal thing. So, the choice between these brands will depend on your personal preferences. Nonetheless, LaCroix promises an authentic fruity taste and crisp carbonation. But if you like fragrant sparkling water with subtle candy-like flavors, you will like Bubly. Finally, Aha is the closest you can come to a cola drink with its thick texture, sharp carbonation, and extremely sweet flavors. Don’t you agree?


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