Nuun Electrolyte Tablets Review – Good Stuff In A Small Tube!

Adequate hydration is a key component of athletic performance. It’s important not only to stay hydrated but also to make sure that your body is getting the right kind of fluids. Sports drinks are designed to give athletes the electrolytes they need during workouts or competitions, but they often contain sugar or artificial sweeteners. In addition, these drinks have been shown to lead to weight gain and diabetes in some people.

Nuun tablets are a convenient, ready-to-go alternative to sports drinks. They’re electrolyte tablets that dissolve in water, so you can get your electrolytes without the sugar and artificial ingredients found in many sports drinks. Plus, they taste great!

The tablets are easy to carry, making them a great option for endurance athletes like marathon runners or triathletes who need to rehydrate after long periods of exercise.

Varieties & Flavor Options

Nuun offers a wide range of products and formulas. Whether you’re looking for a daily immunity formula, a sports formula, or something to help you rest or recover after a hard workout, Nuun has it all.

The company also has dozens of flavors to choose from, including fruity and tangy options that are sure to satisfy even the pickiest taste buds.

Here’s a breakdown of our favorite Nuun flavor options, so you can find your new favorite!

Strawberry Lemonade
Lemon Lime
Fruit Punch

Nuun is formulated with electrolytes from natural sources, like Himalayan sea salt and minerals, as well as nutrients such as vitamins and folic acid. Because of their natural makeup, Nuun tablets are easy on your digestive system and won’t give you an upset stomach as some other sports drinks can.

Nuun comes in powdered form as well, so you can add it to your water bottle before or during exercise for additional hydration support.

Ingredients in Nuun

The electrolytes used in Nuun tablets are sodium, magnesium, potassium, chloride and calcium. These help to absorb water into the bloodstream and prevent dehydration.

NUTRITIONCalories: 15
Carbohydrates: 4g
Sugar: 1g
Potassium: 150mg
Sodium: 300mg
Chloride: 40 mg
Calcium: 13 mg
Magnesium: 25mg
Sodium Bicarbonate
Potassium Bicarbonate
Sodium Carbonate
Malic Acid
Potassium Chloride
Magnesium Oxide
Calcium Carbonate
Stevia Leaf Extract
Avocado Oil
Beet Powder Color
Natural Flavors
OWNER Nuun & Company, Inc.
BEST FOR Athletes, Long-distance runners, Adventure racing, Powerlifters, Rugby players, Cyclists, Gym-goers, and other Sports practitioners
Team Novo Nordisk
LA Sweat
Team Smashfest Queen
Team Onyx
Team On Pace (TOP)
PRICEAbout $0.75 per tablet
*At the time of publishing

Nuun Sport contains 15 calories per tablet, with sugar as dextrose and stevia leaf extract—you won’t find any artificial sweeteners here! These natural sugars give you an extra boost of energy without the crash so often associated with artificial sweeteners.

If you’re looking for more vitamins than the typical electrolyte tablet has, Nuun also makes a Vitamin version that includes A, C, D E and B vitamins in addition to the electrolytes.

Some varieties of Nuun tablets contain high levels of sodium; however this is something you would want if you’re planning on doing long-term endurance training. If you have high blood pressure or are sensitive to salt intake, we suggest you consult your doctor first before using this product.

Nuun Energy tablets are made with caffeine and ginseng, two ingredients known to boost concentration and alertness. If you need to get through your day with a little more energy and less fatigue than usual, these tablets are perfect for helping you power through!

Hydration Drink MixSugarSodiumPotassiumChlorideCalciumMagnesium
Nuun Sport Hydration1 g300 mg150 mg40 mg13 mg25 mg
Nuun Daily Hydration0 g200 mg125 mg75 mg30 mg20 mg
Nuun Immunity2 g100 mg150 mg40 mg15 mg15 mg
Nuun Vitamins2 g100 mg150 mg75 mg15 mg15 mg
Nuun Rest1 g100 mg100 mg0 mg0 mg300 mg
Nuun Energy2 g100 mg200 mg40 mg15 mg15 mg
Nuun Instant (Powder Mix)5 g520 mg385 mg250 mg20 mg8 mg
Nuun Immunity3 (Powder Mix)
6 g385 mg285 mg200 mg15 mg15 mg

Comparing Nuun to Other Electrolyte Drink Mixes

As far as electrolyte drinks go, Nuun is one of the best we’ve found. Not only does it have a low calorie count, but it also has a high amount of electrolyte content.

You could find every electrolyte in Nuun tablets and powder, but powdered version has 5 to 6 g of sugar, whereas tablets have almost zero sugar content.

How does Nuun taste?

Nuun electrolytes have a lot of flavors, but the taste isn’t always what you’d hope for.

Compared to some other brands, Nuun doesn’t taste as good. It’s not the worst-tasting electrolyte mix we’ve ever had, but it’s not great either.

There’s also a weird chemical after taste that some people notice when drinking Nuun. This can be especially annoying when you’re trying to enjoy your drink after an intense workout session or run!

Some customers find it annoying that it takes Nuun about five minutes to dissolve in water because they want their drinks instantly and don’t like waiting.

And finally, we’ve heard from many users that Nuun leaves a residue on bottles that is tough to remove at times.

Price Comparison

Nuun tablets are an affordable option when compared to other electrolyte drink products. Each serving costs $0.75, which is less than half of what most other products cost.

Each tube contains 10 servings and is sold individually or in 8-packs through their website. The taste is mild though on tablets, but you get electrolytes that help you stay hydrated throughout the day.

The powdered version of Nuun is a little costlier starting at $1.99 per packet, but it also comes with extra benefits such as added vitamins and minerals. If you’re looking to save even more money, you can subscribe to their monthly service and save 15% off your purchase every month!

Pros & Cons

  • Contains almost no sugar
  • Easy to carry around
  • Available in a variety of formula
  • The tablet option is a great value
  • Not for those who prefer less sodium
  • Not dissolves easily in water
  • There is a slight weird aftertaste
  • Powdered formulas are a bit pricey

Packaging Options

  • 1-Tube (10 Tablet)
  • 8-Pack Boxes (80 Tablets)

Final Review

Nuun tablets are a convenient way to stay hydrated while you’re exercising, hiking, cycling, or running. The study also confirms that Nuun tablets have been shown to help replace fluids lost through sweat during physical activity.

They’re a convenient way to replace fluids lost through sweat, and they’ll help you avoid muscle cramping and other issues.

I haven’t had any problems with this brand, but I wish they came in larger quantities because I hate having to throw away so many of the little tubes.

7.5Expert Score
Very Good
Here’s our personal take on Nuun’s strong points and areas for improvement. We rated it on a scale from 1 to 10.

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