I Tried G FUEL Pewdiepie Flavor, Let’s See if the Hype Is Real

Gamers need no introduction to Pewdiepie. But for the uninitiated, Pewdiepie is a Swedish gaming legend and Youtuber of such fame that he has inspired a G FUEL flavor.

In 2019, G FUEL entered a paid partnership with the epic gamer and became his official sponsor. The company also launched a new flavor as part of the contract. And as you may have guessed already, it is named Pewdiepie (Inspired by Pewds).

So, curious about this exciting, celebrity-inspired G FUEL flavor? And wondering if G FUEL Pewdiepie is worth the hype?

Let us find out.

Pewdiepie G FUEL—the first impression

The bright and vivid red graphic print on the Pewdiepie G FUEL tub certainly makes an impression. It is attractive, cheerful, and funky.

Now, for the taste, G FUEL describes Pewdiepie as a taste-bud tingling, lingonberry-infused tonic of Scandinavian origin.”

Lingonberry is a red berry that resembles cranberries in look and taste. However, it is much smaller. The deep red color of this fruit has inspired the design and print of the G FUEL flavor. Notably, lingonberries are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. G FUELl has accurately captured the flavor origins and kept the taste authentic, as lingonberries grow abundantly in Scandinavian countries.

A Closer Look at Pewdiepie G FUEL Energy Formula

Pewdiepie from G FUEL is a unique flavor that tastes like fresh and tangy berries. The powder is plain white and has a distinct fruity aroma.

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  • 40 servings per tub with 15 calories in each serving
  • Sugar-free energy formula
  • Contains caffeine
  • White color powder that yields a pink color liquid


  • Tangy fruit flavor with the right balance of sweetness
  • There is no unpleasant aftertaste that is commonly present in many of the other G FUEL flavors
  • Tastes great when chilled


  • Leaves a powdery residue at the bottom of the shaker cup

Just like all the other variants, one scoop of the formula yields one serving. Mix it with the recommended quantity of water in the prescribed shaker cup to get the right flavor. Pewdiepie will not taste as good as it ought to if it is too concentrated or diluted.

You can use any G FUEL shaker cup to mix the formula. But, Pewdiepie fans will want to get their hands on the Pewdiepie G FUEL shaker cup and none other. It is black with the iconic red Pewdiepie print label. It is available on Amazon, as part of the Pewdiepie starter kit. The kit has seven individual serving sachets as well.

The first sip of Pewdiepie will remind you of sweetened cranberry juice. It is tart, but the sweetness mellows it out. It is a flavor that tends to grow on you. So, even if you do not find it too impressive initially, you will end up liking it. You can, in fact, have it every day and not get bored.

This G FUEL flavor is neither too sweet nor too tangy. While you can enjoy it at room temperature, Pewdiepie tastes even better when chilled.

How good is G FUEL Pewdiepie in improving energy levels

To analyze the effectiveness of Pewdiepie G FUEL as an energy formula, we should look at its ingredients.

The formula has three parts: an energy complex, a focus complex, and an antioxidant complex. These different blends work towards delivering different effects on the body.

As you may know, the primary component of the G FUEL energy blend is caffeine. Each serving of Pewdiepie contains as much caffeine as a moderate cup of coffee. You can consume up to 3 servings of Pewdiepie in a day. Nevertheless, keep in mind that caffeine is addictive. So, have it in moderation.

Once you consume Pewdiepie, the energy complex kicks into action almost immediately. You will soon feel more alert and focused. The focus blend works towards increasing energy levels and improving your nervous activity. Finally, the antioxidant blend is formed of plant-based ingredients. The vitamins and minerals in it will eradicate free radicals from the body and deliver clean and healthy energy.

pewdiepie gfuel flavor review

The main factor that sets G FUEL apart from other energy drink formulas is the absence of sugar in it. High amounts of sugar deliver an energy boost in most brands. However, the problem is that it can lead to a sugar crash and does not provide sustained levels of energy.

While most energy formula brands use sugar, G FUEL uses artificial sweeteners to deliver the intended taste.

Although G FUEL does not use sugar in any of its flavors, they taste sweet and pleasant. It does not have any aftertaste or artificial flavor. All flavors, including Pewdiepie, taste like regular fruity drinks.

Final thoughts…

Pewdiepie is an exciting and delicious GFUEL flavor that is immensely satisfying. It delivers great taste and lasting energy.

The complex fruity flavors make the drink as exciting as it looks. It is a flavor we will recommend. If you like berry-flavored drinks and especially cranberries, you will enjoy G FUEL Pewdiepie. Nonetheless, stick to the recommended servings for health reasons.

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