Is GFuel Worth It in 2024? Answers to Your FAQs

Ever since GFuel entered the market in 2012, it has taken the energy drink sector by storm. This Gamma Labs product is now the official drink of esports and a favorite with fitness and gaming enthusiasts.

This phenomenal growth has to do with the fact that GFuel is 100% clean and natural, tastes good, and delivers what it promises. In less than a decade, the product line expanded from just three basic flavors to over 20 exciting flavors. GFuel certainly is here to stay!

questions about gfuel answered

Interested in some trivia about GFuel? Join us as we find answers to the most commonly asked questions about this energy drink formula.

Most Frequently Asked Questions About GFuel

1. Is GFuel vegan?

No, G-fuel is not vegan-compliant!

Technically, a product is vegan only if it does not contain anything derived from animal sources. Now, GFuel lists L-tyrosine as one of the ingredients. This amino acid is usually derived from plants or chemically synthesized. However, some variations come from animal sources like casein.

L-tyrosine in GFuel may or may not be animal-based. Unless we have some clarity on the source, we cannot conclude that it is vegan. If you are a vegan for ethical reasons, you should also know that some of the vegan ingredients in GFuel are tested on animals.

2. Is GFuel safe for teens and kids?

No! GFuel is not suitable for children and adolescents. The brand markets its products as 18+.

One serving of GFuel has 150mg of caffeine. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the daily caffeine intake for adolescents between 13 and 18 years of age should not exceed 100mg. A single serving of GFuel exceeds this recommendation.

Although there is no designated safe threshold for children below 12 years of age, it is bound to be less than 100mg.

3. Is GFuel good as pre-workout or post-workout fuel?

GFuel is not traditional workout fuel.

It has zero amino and is a sugar-free alternative to canned sodas and sugar-loaded energy drinks.

Nonetheless, GFuel delivers clean energy and has less caffeine than most workout formulas. Bodybuilders, athletes, and fitness models use it to enhance focus and endurance. But you should not expect it to deliver the same results as traditional workout supplements.

4. How much protein (if any) does GFuel have?

GFuel has a long list of ingredients, but protein is not one of them.

If you are looking to increase your protein intake, consuming GFuel will not help. It is an energy formula that improves energy, endurance, and focus. It does not help to build muscle mass.

5. Does GFuel contain aspartame?

GFuel does not contain aspartame.

Aspartame is a low-calorie artificial sweetener used in many products like diet sodas. There are many controversies regarding its safety. Long-term use of aspartame could also lead to various side effects like headaches, ADHD, congenital issues, Alzheimer’s disease, and depression.

GFuel uses sucralose and acesulfame potassium instead of natural sugar for sweetness. Both are zero-calorie FDA-approved artificial sweeteners.

6. Do GFuel products have FDA approval?

GFuel is not categorized as a food product, it is a dietary supplement. These are neither regulated nor approved by the FDA. So, it is pointless to look for FDA approval for GFuel products.

Nonetheless, the brand advertises that the manufacturing facilities are FDA-compliant and adhere to all government specifications.

7. Can you wash GFuel shakers in a dishwasher?

Yes, you can safely wash GFuel shakers in a dishwasher.

GFuel shaker cups are some of the brand’s most sought-after merchandise. It can hold 16oz of liquid, is leak-proof, and is BPA-free. They come in various colors and you will even find their glow-in-the-dark version. The brand recommends using these shaker cups to prepare GFuel.

GFuel shaker cups have a sifter insert, which is their version of a blender ball. It removes any excess powder when you mix it with water.

When washing GFuel shaker cups in a dishwasher, use the top rack. Separate the cup, lid, and sifter, and place each component separately. You can place the cups facing downwards while the insert and lid face upwards. Run the cups through a normal cycle and your GFuel shakers will come out sparkling clean.

8. Does GFuel have Lead in it?

GFuel tubs have a warning label that mentions they may contain chemicals like lead. But here is the actual deal.

The company came under scrutiny and had to face a lawsuit regarding the presence of lead in its products. However, CEO Cliff Morgan cleared up the confusion by clarifying that this warning label was necessary for the brand to comply with Prop 65 labeling regulation for California, which is apparently stricter than FDA. The Prop 65 law requires any product that causes an exposure of more than 0.5 micrograms of lead to carry a warning label.

Now, GFuel contains trace quantities of lead because it gets its minerals and vitamins from plant sources. Depending on where these plants grow, they may absorb lead from the soil. However, it is well within FDA-recommended limits and does not pose any health hazards.

9. Does GFuel go bad?

GFuel tubs list their expiration date on the label at the bottom. The product is safe to consume until this date.

Nevertheless, proper storage is essential to extending the shelf life of GFuel. Your sample may have gone bad if it smells funny or changes color. Toss it out if you see any such signs of spoilage as it could lead to digestive problems.

The right way to store GFuel is in a cool, dark place, away from moisture.  It is best to use it within a year of opening. However, keep it away from moisture during this time.

10. Is GFuel worth it in 2024?

It depends!

GFuel is a solid and clean energy drink formula that delivers what it promises. It is safe to consume, improves energy levels, and is cost-effective. However, there are new competitor brands in the market that promise the same results at lower prices. So, if you are open to exploring new flavors and upcoming energy drink brands, you have plenty of options other than GFuel.

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