Vitamin Water vs. Gatorade: Which One is Better for You?

Every part of the human body requires water for proper functioning. Body cells, tissues, and different organs need the right amount of hydration for waste removal, lubrication, and temperature control. This becomes a matter much more important when it comes to the case of athletes and sportspersons. They would require sources that provide good hydration during an event or during practice sessions.

vitamin water vs gatorade

Thus, sports drinks entered the scene with their bright colors, unique formulas, and interesting tastes. Now, we have reached a point where most of the popular sports events are being sponsored by major sports drink brands. There are a number of brands now available in the market and it becomes the consumer’s duty to choose the one that has the best benefits and fewer side effects.

It is also suggested to consult a doctor before you start with a sports drink as your daily hydration fluid. This is mainly due to the amount of sugar being used. Most people would have a daily sugar limit. Consuming sports drinks may cause the daily sugar quantity limit to exceed very easily.

Sports drinks can help in providing energy in a rush, but the aftereffects will be much more dangerous, leading to obesity, serious cases of diabetes, and much more. Hence it is good to narrow down your choice to the best. Here are two of our picks for you:

Vitamin Water

Introduced in the year 2000, by Energy Brands, it was the first time ever the flavor of vitamins was released in a sports drink range. Now, it is owned by the Coca-Cola company and has definitely become one of its energy range products. It is important to notice that Vitamin Water has a wide range of products that are titled to be ‘0’ sugar and made with GMOs. There are a number of different flavors of Vitamin Water made available in the market. Though they are labeled 0 sugar, the color and flavors of these energy drinks always attract customers of all ages.

Nutritional Details:

  • Calorie + Serving : 10
  • Prebiotic fiber : 5%
  • Antioxidants : 150%
  • Vitamin C : 100% 
  • Electrolytes: Vitamins B3, B5, B6, B12

The presence of electrolytes in Vitamin water is enough for tissue repair, muscle rejuvenation, etc. The brand also has a calorie-free drink for those who are conscious about gaining calories from sports drinks. This calorie-free, sugar-free drink can be used as an energy booster for anyone.


Initially developed in 1965, Gatorade is now owned by PepsiCo. This is one of the major reasons why Gatorade has competitors like Vitamin Water, Powerade, etc.

Its major investment is in the US and it accounts for about 75% of the entire sports drink market. Unlike Vitamin Water, it has more amount of electrolyte micronutrients like sodium and potassium. But Gatorade lacks the essential minerals and vitamins that are contained in Vitamin water.

The nutritional values in a 360ml of Gatorade:

  • Energy : 98 kcal
  • Sugars : 42g
  • Potassium : 50mg
  • Sodium : 160mg

As we discussed earlier, Vitamin Water can be consumed by anyone as an energy booster, but Gatorade can majorly be classified as the hydration product used by sportspersons.

Considering the hydration capacity of both products, we can see that they are equally efficient. But that does not mean that during every practice session, Gatorade or Vitamin water needs to be consumed! Rather it is better to rehydrate with water when dehydrated. But when minerals or vitamins are lost, it is definitely a place for sports drinks to prove their worth.


The human body needs water for continued hydration for a healthy life. Consuming enough amount of water should be perfect to make up for any amount of lost water content. But when it needs more fluids with other nutrients or minerals, sports drinks are used. Consult a doctor before you select any brand of sports drink and make use of it wisely.

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